Millennium Falcon Experience: Atlanta Edition — A Guest Post by Meghan Camp

Millennium Falcon Experience: Atlanta Edition — A Guest Post by Meghan Camp

Upon discovering that the wonderful events team at Star Wars were going to be bringing the Millennium Falcon (a la Solo: A Star Wars Story…before Han, um, “fixed” it.) to Atlanta at the Braves stadium, I knew I would move heaven and earth to see it. My roommate and I exchanged about 10 rapid fire texts between one another and it was quickly decided we’d make a weekend of it and go to the baseball game on #MayThe4thBeWithYou Day, too. We were willing to do just about anything only four cities in the U.S. would have the opportunity to experience.

Our May the 4th weekend was decidedly better than yours, which is why I am sharing all about it with you, readers.

If you have yet to experience a Star Wars night at a baseball game in the United States, friends, even if you do not like sports, you should at least consider going to one.

Directly outside of the entry gate to the stadium is an area called “The Battery” where the Falcon was built. Members of the 501st in Atlanta partnered with the Braves and were kind enough to pose for pictures and interact with attendees, participate in the usual baseball antics between innings, and make the game a truly out-of-this world experience.

My roommate, Jessica (@kerrbacca) and I with Chewbacca, a Trooper, and Mandalorian. Chewie said he likes my hair ‘cause it looks like his.

Jessica & I again with R2-D2, Rey, Obi Wan, and a Rebel Alliance Officer. R2 was showing off some tricks and being sassy with us.

This precious family is dressed as the Solo-Organa family + Rey, specifically attending to celebrate lil Kylo Ren’s birthday. *permission retained by family to share photo

The Braves and the San Francisco Giants suspended their logos for the night with Jedi and Empire symbols, respectively, and during inning changes, you can bet a lot of Giants fans were mercilessly jested at by Darth Vader.

Taken directly before Mr. Freeman knocked a beautiful homer for the Braves, you can see that they spared no detail in making the night as peppered with Star Wars as possible, down to the scoreboard reflecting the team’s adopted logos for the night.

Sadly, the night did end in the defeat for the Rebels (the Braves lost 9-4…we gave up too many runs in the 2nd inning and didn’t make it up), but I’m sure this is just an Empire Strikes Back chapter in the saga for the Rebels against the Empire.

The night ended with some pretty spectacular fireworks and John Williams’ prolific score and it was back home so we could get some shut-eye in before rising early the next day to see the Falcon.

Morning dawned on #Revengeofthe5th, we rolled out of bed, got coffee, and began our way back to The Battery to queue for a timed-entry ticket to see the Millennium Falcon.

Nice long shot of the Falcon setup right outside SunTrust Park.

Because my roommate is one of those people who is never late to anything for any reason ever, (and okay, we were desperately excited) we arrived before anyone else and snagged the first timed-entry tickets of the day!

We’re really glad we ditched Tosche Station for those power converters so we could hop on the Millennium Falcon.

We didn’t have to wait long for our chance to take flight on the fastest ship to ever have completed the Kessel Run, but we did enjoy all the sweet people in queue with us who gushed about everything Star Wars in the short time we waited. Among our favorite line pals were some 3-year-old twins who love Chewie, a 5-year-old Darth Vader who dances jazz, and a sweet 2-year-old who loves Chopper.

The woman functioning as the gatekeeper to the Falcon called us up, let us on and the Force was with us for the next 8 minutes as we feasted on all the sights and sounds the Millennium Falcon had to offer.

The kitchenette area where the most important appliance resides…the caf maker!

We were freaking out so much that we were ACTUALLY lounging. In. The. Millennium. Falcon.

I can’t say enough about the staff that were guiding the experience. Shout out to Daniel Kennedy (@DanielKennedyDK) and the entire Star Wars team that staffed the event! Each person was so excited that we were absolutely enthralled to be there and giddly helping us snap pictures with the best lighting and angles. They really wanted to make sure that each person had the most incredible experience possible that the Kessel Crew could provide!

We were guided to a short hallway and around the corridor was THE COCKPIT OF THE MILLENNIUM FALCON. We both inhaled excitedly and made those high-pitched fangirl sounds of “OH MY GOSH IT’S HAPPENING” as two wonderful staff told us we could ACTUALLY sit down in the seats (but not touch any buttons).

Cheesing for our lives, we felt like we were gliding through the stars at this moment. I was 100% on board for being Jessica’s co-pilot.

View from the co-pilot’s seat, I felt like we would definitely make Chewie proud.

Too soon, we needed to move on and exit the cockpit and return to this galaxy, but what a rapturous moment it was to feel for a few fleeting minutes like you were flying across the stars in a ship that so many of our beloved characters have used to save galaxies.

Coming off the ship I yelled, “I JUST SAT IN THE COCKPIT OF THE MILLENNIUM FALCON!” probably scared a few children, but it was exhilarating knowing that I just got to do what a limited number of people have done.

Topping this Star Wars experience will be difficult, but I’m glad we’re getting so many more stories, films, and other content to engage with as fans.

May the Force Be With You, ‘cause it’s certainly with me.

–Meghan Camp (@meghanashlee)

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  1. Melinda W
    May 11, 2018 at 08:24 Reply

    Meghan, what an incredible experience! Thank you for sharing your Atlanta experience with us. 🙂 I felt like I was right there with you and Jessica.

    For the first time ever, I attended a Star Wars Night — between our Milwaukee Brewers and the visiting Pittsburgh Pirates. (I wrote about it in my most recent “Melinda’s Brew” post here at CWK.) Sadly, like what happened with the Braves, our hometown team could not pull off a win … but that did not stop us from having a super time at Miller Park. The Brewers’ team behind staging “Star Wars” Night certainly gave us a night to remember! (This was the first time I’ve been able to attend the Brewers’ special theme night.)

    Again, thanks for sharing your weekend memories.

    MTFBWY 🙂

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