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Time sure flies when you are having fun. Like the blink of an eye, week two of Star Wars Weekends came to a close Sunday, and what a day it was. This weekend brought us the very talented Warwick Davis (Wicket from Return of the Jedi), Silas Carson (Ki-Adi-Mundi and Nute Gunray from the prequels), and the lovely Vanessa Marshall from Star Wars Rebels.

Now I will admit, I did change my plans. I originally wanted to meet Silas Carson, since he was someone I haven’t had the opportunity to meet. Yet, after walking through my memories of last year, I really wanted to see Vanessa again. So, Silas took a back seat as I arrived at Hollywood Studios and jumped into line to claim my chance to see Hera all over again.

Arriving early the morning is a must for autograph seekers. Through my tweets on my personal and the CWK account, I made contact with David Modders and his two children, Eli and Lena. Awesome family and I was blessed to be able to spend some more time with them later in the day. After I secured my ticket to meet Vanessa and the gates opened, or should I say the “teeny tiny rope” dropped, I made a beeline to get my Passholder exclusive Boba Fett poster. It is by far my favorite of the five being released.

From there, I took a trip to Darth’s Mall. It wasn’t near as busy as it was week one, so I was able literally to walk right in. Unfortunately, the signs were up and cast members were announcing that they were already out of the Boba Fett steins that were being sold. Although I was very disappointed, I was able to secure a Han in Carbonite popcorn bucket. So overall, I considered it a win. From there I wondered the park and made an incredible discovery: author Jason Fry was going to be doing a book signing at the Writer’s Stop.


I had an hour and half to kill before the book signing so I went to the ABC Soundstage and caught the Star Wars Rebels: The Ultimate Guide which was a recap of season one as told by Kanan. On each side of the screen were life-size statues of Sabine, Ezra and Chopper. It was an incredible recap and perfect of anyone who had not seen the show before. Thanks to Tracy Cannobbio from Lucasfilm for giving me the heads up about the show.


I headed back to the Writer’s Stop to wait a little while longer for Jason’s signing. There I bumped back into Dave, Eli, and Lena. We waited together and when Jason Fry arrived early, were the first in line to meet this legendary Star Wars author. After meeting Jason, we were all on such a big high, I spent a few minutes interviewing David and the kids in the back of the Writer’s Stop. You can hear this audio in the special edition episode of Coffee With Kenobi that will be released soon, which will include the audio from both the Rebels Show and Stars of the Saga.


After bidding farewell to the Modder’s, I took off to the Backlot Express, which during Star Wars Weekends is now the Rebel Hanger. I hung outside there for while and made sure I caught the members of the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion as they marched in the motorcade.

After the motorcade I hung out around the Rebel Hanger and while standing outside the building, doing some random recordings with the audio recorder, from backstage walks Silas Carson, flanked by James Arnold Taylor and Vanessa Marshall. Before I could say anything, Vanessa pointed right at me, broke away from the crew she was with and came right to me. “I have been looking all over for you today!” she said as she gave me a hug. Talk about making my day. We chatted for a moment and she did an incredible tag for CWK. Yet it is with a broken heart and tears in my eyes I have to say for some reason the recording was corrupted and there is only about a second of clear audio before we lost everything. I was so disappointed when I listened back that night.

Vanessa took off to get ready for the Rebel’s Show, so I took off to get in line for the show. I had a FastPass reserved so I bypassed the standbys and was 6th inline for the show. There in line, I meet Nikki from Winter Haven, FL. This was a special day for Nikki, cause not only was this her first time attending Star Wars Weekends, this was her first day ever at Hollywood Studios. We had a great time in line and I shared my knowledge of the park with her so she could enjoy her time more. We enjoyed the Rebel’s Show together, having some good laughs during the pre-show Twitter polls. James Arnold Taylor did an incredible job hosting as always and Vanessa as awesome in her interview. Her excitement when it comes to Star Wars is contagious.


The show ended and Nikki decided to join me for the Stars Of The Saga show as well. While in the stand-by line to reenter the Theater Of The Stars, Nikki’s friend Anthony joined us and in the theater, her friends Sonia and BJ joined us as well. As for the Stars Of The Saga show, hilarious as always. I discovered Silas Carson was in Doctor Who, a fact I didn’t know, and Warwick Davis left everyone in stitches. Once the show ended, I escorted Nikki and friends to Darth’s Mall, showing them all the character photo ops along the way. It was there at the Mall, I had to bid them farewell to make my autograph session with Vanessa. My only regret was not getting any way to contact them all again.

In the line for Vanessa, I met Cory and Amity Gallaher, fans of the show. We talked all through the line about their experiences at Star Wars Weekends past, and after we all got our times with Vanessa, we recorded a few minutes about their recommendations for new Star Wars Weekends attendees.

Vanessa was incredible. Period. Enough said. I had a great time again talking with her about our meet up earlier, about the Rebel’s Show she had done earlier in the day and of course snapped pictures.


That’s where my day ended. Week three is days away, and I’m so looking forward to it. Follow Coffee With Kenobi on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news live from the park while I’m there Saturday. If you are going to be there yourself, message me on Twitter or send me an email at aharris@coffeewithkenobi.com so we can arrange a get-together. Who knows, you could end up on the show.

Remember, this is the podcast you’ve been looking for!

May the Force be with you.

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