Mickey’s Jedi Blend: My Star Wars Weekends Itinerary and More

Mickey’s Jedi Blend: My Star Wars Weekends Itinerary and More

Mickey's Jedi Blend

Celebration is over.

I was unable to go this year but through StarWars.com’s live stream and all the great coverage from Dan, Cory, and my fellow bloggers here, I definitely felt like I was there. So I want to take this quick moment to thank my CWK family as well as everyone at StarWars.com who ran the live stream for all of their coverage! It was definitely the next best thing to being there in person!

With that said, let us turn our eyes to Star Wars next big event: Star Wars Weekends 2015!

We are just weeks away from opening weekend and this promises to be an incredible year! With an impressive guest list covering the movies to Rebels and The Clone Wars; I know my schedule will be busy for sure. With special guests like Ian McDiarmid and Frank Oz in the mix as well, we are looking at a couple of record-setting weekends when it comes to attendance like we had last year with Mark Hamill.

So before I go into my plan for this year, I do want to let everyone know, due to family and work obligations, I won’t be at Hollywood Studios as frequently as I was last year, but I will still be there every weekend. For the days I will be in attendance, I have a lot planned! Of course every week includes a trip on Star Tours, as well as multiple visits to Darth’s Mall.

So here we go!


Week One.

Week one I’ll be there Saturday, May 16th. My goals are simple this week. First off, catch whatever special that Ian McDiarmid may be doing. I’m sure he will be as much of a treat hearing him live as it is in the recorded interviews from Celebrations past. As for autographs, my first priority will be the lovely Amy Allen (aka Aayla Secura from Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith) followed by the equally lovely Tiya Sircar (Sabine from Rebels). I also plan on catching the Stars Of The Saga show and the Star Wars Rebels show as well.

Week Two.

This week unfortunately has me tied up at work so I’ll only be in attendance Sunday, May 24th. I plan on spending my time in the shows this day. Warwick Davis’ An Ewok’s Tale, Stars Of The Saga, and The Rebels show are a must this week. I’m going to be trying to meet Silas Carson (Ki-Adi-Mundi and Nute Gunray from the Prequels) and hope to also see the incredible Vanessa Marshall (Hera from Rebels) as well.

Week Three.

Week three will be a great week for me. I’ll be there for sure Saturday the 30th and possibly Sunday the 31st. I’m excited to see Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett from Attack of the Clones) as well as Steve Blum. Both incredibly talented men who are equally excited about their roles in the Star Wars universe. As for the shows this week, Stars of the Saga, The Rebels show, and I’m looking forward to catching Obi-Wan and Beyond, the shortened version of James Arnold Taylor’s one man show. This will also be the weekend I stay late to catch the Symphony In The Stars fireworks spectacular! Nothing like ending the day with fireworks set to the best of John Williams.

Week Four.

Busy busy weekend for me as I long to see Jeremy Bulloch again, as well as Ashley Eckstein for the first time in two years. As for the shows, Rebels and Stars of the Saga shows are a must. This weekend I’ll be attending Saturday, June 6th.

Week Five.

It all wraps up here in week five with the grand appearance of the great Frank Oz. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this week. Frank Oz is one of my personal heroes being I was a puppeteer for years through out my youth. His show will be the ultimate must for me. I’d also like to catch Ray Park’s show this week as well as the regular Stars of the Saga and Rebels shows. As for autographs this week, Ray Park, Peter Mayhew and Taylor Gray are all scheduled to appear so I’m shooting for them in that order. Unfortunately, due to work again, I’ll be only in attendance on the final day, June 14th.

That, my friends, is my tentative itinerary. Of course, like the events and guests of Star Wars Weekends, it is subject to change. Here is why I’m letting you know this. During my days there, I’ll be doing some recording. I want to give other fan’s points of view so make sure that you find me and let’s talk! So, make sure to follow me on twitter @taharris121079 and let the fun begin.

As for you who can not make it, I’m not forgetting about you either. Stay tuned to my Twitter and Coffee With Kenobi’s Twitter feed for pictures and videos of the events. My friend Gian will be filming the shows again this year and I’ll be sharing those, of course, but I’ll also be doing quick videos during the day to share in the experience.

Plus I’m also working on putting together a giveaway for after the Weekends! Stay tuned for more details on what you could have a chance to win.

This is going to be a fun five weeks coming up! If you have any questions, send me a tweet or email me at aharris@coffeewithkenobi.com.

So until then, may the Force be with you and remember, this is the podcast you are looking for!

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  1. Melinda
    May 6, 2015 at 08:48 Reply

    Aaron, I feel like I have to catch my breath after reading your busy, busy, busy schedule — and all I’m doing is sitting at my desk reading! 😉 lol

    Wow! What an incredible couple of months you’re going to have! 😀 I hope you have a wonderful time. Too, I want you to know how much I enjoy reading your blogs and watching the videos you share with us here at CWK that revolve around the Weekends. 🙂 (I enjoy all your blogs, of course! 🙂 ) I can’t wait to see how everything goes, and to see how much fun you had each weekend! 🙂 Have a great time!

    MTFBWY 🙂

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