Melinda’s Brew: The Silver Lining

Melinda’s Brew: The Silver Lining

Earlier this month, my husband and I sent our youngest daughter back to college after her much-needed spring break. It took me a couple of days, but I finally had time to tackle her room — as I do every time she returns to school — straightening it, stripping the bed and putting fresh sheets on it, grabbing whatever laundry may be resting in her hamper and adding it to the washing machine. As I was remaking her bed, I caught a glimpse of the Celebration lanyards she has draped over the bedpost, and couldn’t help but muse that we wouldn’t be making the cross-country trip to Anaheim this week. It wasn’t in the sabaac cards this time around. That’s how it goes sometimes, and I accepted that a long time ago. I’ll be at CVII in Force spirit, and I know my friends [many of whom are affiliated with Coffee With Kenobi] will share pictures and tales of their escapades in Anaheim. 🙂

I thought I wouldn’t get my first-hand “fix” of Star Wars until December 18, 2015 rolled around, but you know what? I couldn’t have been more mistaken! Please, let me explain. At the end of March, my family found itself in Seattle for a long weekend respite. It was the first time any of us had been there, and we were looking forward to exploring The Emerald City. With limited time there, we had our agenda of “must sees/must dos”, most of which we got to. It was not for lack of trying when it came to those attractions that did not pan out. Here’s what happened: Our last full day in Seattle was slated to be the best day weather-wise so we opted to save the single outside destination for that day as well as visiting the Seattle Art Museum to catch what was touted to be an impressive Native American art exhibit. Numerous individuals urged us to visit the Japanese Gardens. “They’re beautiful!” was echoed by those who previously visited Seattle, and we decided to make a point of strolling through them. We finally made our way to the gardens, circumventing the never-ending road construction [thank goodness for GPS!], only to have our hearts fall when we came upon a closed gate and a sign that offered an apology that the gardens would be closed “to complete a construction project”. [Before you ask if we checked the website to make sure the site was open, we did — and there was no mention of the temporary closing. 🙁 ] We decided to fill the morning with a different Seattle attraction followed by lunch before heading to the art museum. As it turned out, we had a blast taking the tour for which we opted, and decided that silver linings do exist. One just has to be open to them. 🙂

After lunch, we walked the five blocks to the Seattle Art Museum, strode up to the entrance, and found that the museum was closed on Mondays! 🙁 Ugh! Not twice in the same day! [No, I did not check the museum hours. I just assumed it would be open on Mondays. Boy, was I wrong! 😉 ] Now what? While I assuaged my disappointment perusing the wares in a card shop we had passed, Tom and Caitlin put their heads together to come up with an alternative. When I emerged, Tom asked, “Do you remember seeing the billboards for the Star Wars exhibit that is supposed to be in P1050932 town? Do you want to go see it? We won’t have much time, but we could see some of it.” [Right about now, you might be asking yourself: “Why wouldn’t they have made the Star Wars exhibit their first stop?” I’ll tell you why — while the members of my family are huge Star Wars fans, we were in Seattle for a very short period of time. This was our first visit to the city, and we wanted to see what it was all about.] They didn’t have to twist my arm. “Sure!” I beamed. If one alternative falls by the wayside, choose another. 🙂 The day was waning, and if we were going to have any time perusing the Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit at the EMP Museum, we had to make tracks. As quickly as possible, we walked the five blocks back to the car, drove to the museum, and got there with just over an hour before it was slated to close. “You won’t have much time,” the kind woman behind the counter noted as we paid our fees. “You can save your ticket stubs, and come back tomorrow morning,” she added. I explained we were headed home early the next morning, and we hurried off to see what we could see in the limited amount of time we had.

The exhibit, which runs through October 4, 2015, showcases more than 60 costumes from the six Star Wars films that not only allows you to appreciate the laborious work that went into creating these exquisite works of art but draws attention to how important the costumes were in the telling of George Lucas’ story. In my opinion, it was about time there was an exhibit centering on Star Wars costumes. 🙂 There are no words to do justice to the impact this exhibit has on a Star Wars fan. While John Williams’ score wafts over the airwaves, we immersed ourselves in examining the intricacies of the recognizable costumes on display [many of which were not behind glass 🙂 ] while marveling at the creators of the exquisite gowns, suits and ensembles. As I made my way through the exhibit, I couldn’t help but ponder The Power of Costume certainly was going a long way in easing any residual disappointment I may have felt lingering in my heart regarding not going to CVII. 🙂

Padme with Anakin Costumes Greeting you at the onset of the exhibit is a large placard proclaiming “…For decades, the Star Wars films and related books, television series and video games have entertained millions around the globe, enchanting new generations and becoming part of our cultural fabric.” Cultural fabric indeed! One gets a close look at the fabrics that help give life to each character — from the ethereal silk chiffon/silk satin Lake Dress Padme wears in AOTC to the large display of Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine’s costumes that depicts his rise and fall. It’s thrilling to learn how the costumes helped the actors and actresses get into character. “My costume was my first way into the character,” Genevieve O’Reilly [Mon Mothma in ROTS] states on one placard. Samuel L. Jackson is quoted: “I saw this Jedi costume, and I was so ecstatic I ran out of breath. At least I had an idea of who I was, how to carry myself, and I had a way of being.”

Too soon, a voice alerted visitors that the museum would be closing in a few minutes, that we were supposed to start heading for the exit. “It’s too soon!” my heart cried. I had hurried through the two floors devoted to the Star Wars exhibit to try to see as much as The Bridal Couple possible. I wanted more time! 😉 My only hope — that the exhibit would make its way to the Midwest. Milwaukee has a superb art museum, and I certainly can see this exhibit stopping there. 🙂 If not, I hope it at least makes its way to Chicago. I certainly would be willing to make the sojourn there to have a chance for a second viewing. 🙂 Right now, the only museum on the tour is Seattle [where it is starting its trek]. Keep a lookout at to see if Star Wars and the Power of Costumes comes to a museum in or near your hometown.

For the second time in one day, my family found itself reveling in the silver lining that resulted after a disappointment. 🙂 Not a bad way to wrap up a visit to a new city, wouldn’t you say? 😉

I invite you to leave a comment below, or feel free to drop me a line at For those of you attending CVII, have a wonderful time! I look forward to hearing everything you saw and did! 🙂 I bet you’ll see quite a few individuals in costume. 🙂

Two hundred forty-seven days and counting…

Until next time, MTFBWY 🙂

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  1. Erica
    April 16, 2015 at 05:46 Reply

    Oh, Melinda! I felt like I was the only one not going this time. I’m so glad I’m not alone. I hope the exhibit you mentioned heads our way. It sounds great! I’m having a few star wars treats this weekend. I’m going to stop by our town’s brand new comic book shop and get my star wars comics. And I got a new shirt from her universe that just came. It will have to do this time 🙂

    Thanks for your entry. I really needed it!

  2. Tommy Mac
    April 22, 2015 at 15:11 Reply

    That’s what I love about you, Melinda. Nothing ever brings you down. Plan didn’t work out? Make a NEW plan!

    As for costumes, I think a lot of us take for granted just how important hey are.

    Because if they’re WRONG for the character, it takes us OUT of the moment, it can clash with everything else going on around it, it can spoil the story.

    I can’t really think of any Star Wars costuming where it did that for me. They all seemed natural and fitting for whatever character they were designed for.

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