Melinda’s Brew: The ABCs of Star Wars (3)

Melinda’s Brew: The ABCs of Star Wars (3)

Considering that only a few short days ago many of our brethren were in Anaheim, California for Celebration VII immersing themselves in everything Star Wars — and enflaming all of us to look ahead to what’s on the horizon — here I go again taking us back in time to look at some of the lesser-known characters who helped create the galaxy we have come to love so much. Yes, it’s that time of the month again. I’m here with the next installment of my trek through the alphabet, “The ABCs of Star Wars”. This month, we’ll be looking at characters from “E” and “F”.

Should we dive right in?

E … Although young, and considered a bit impetuous, Chi Eekway was elected Senator to represent her home world Wroona, and did so with such devotion that it did not take long for her to become a loyal member of the inner circle of senators who advised Chancellor Palpatine. [When you think about it, Palpatine’s choices for Senators who comprised his Inner Circle were interesting. Among the group were Senators Bail Organa, Padme Amidala, Jar Jar Binks and Chi Eekway — who all took their duties as representatives very seriously, and who, while intelligent (okay, no Jar Jar jokes! 😉 ), allowed their hearts to figure into some of their decision-making. One might presume Palpatine chose these particular Senators because he believed he could control, sway them. However, these were the Senators who ultimately planted the seeds of what led to the Rebellion. Chew on that little tidbit!] It should be pointed out that the Twi’lek Senator possessed near supernatural levels of empathy — which enabled her to help ease developing tensions in the Senate. It wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that those powers of empathy made it possible for the young senator to see Chancellor Palpatine for who he truly was. Well, maybe not a Sith Lord, but Chi Eekway’s close relationship with the Chancellor made it possible for her to examine him more closely. Before long, she became increasingly concerned about Palpatine’s expanding executive powers — and where he was taking the Republic. It is rumored the blue-skinned Senator had close ties to the mysterious Baron Papanoida [more about him when we get to the “Ps” 😉 ], also from Wroona. By the way, in case you missed her, you can catch a good glimpse of Chi Eekway just outside the entrance to the Opera theater in “Revenge of the Sith”.

Not too much is known about Chi Eekway — except for her devotion to Wroonian spirituality [exemplified by the ornate molf-tasseled cloak she is seen wearing] — but I imagine the Senator served her people to the best of her ability right up to the point when Emperor Palpatine dissolved the Senate some 20 years later. As a Senator, she was in an excellent position to help the fledgling Rebellion from the inside, secretly feeding its leaders with vital information. Once Palpatine did away with the Senate, Eekway returned to her home world, and surreptitiously worked for freedom. Situated on the far edge of the Inner Rim, the Wroonian system included areas of space where piracy ran rampant. Chi Eekway used those pirates to her advantage whenever the need arose — she could get almost anyone to do almost anything. 🙂 The pirates and smugglers were able to transport much-needed supplies to the hidden Rebel forces.

F … “Look, sir, droids,” Stormtrooper Davin Felth stated as members of the Imperial force hunted for whomever or whatever eluded the Imperial star destroyer in the Tantive IV escape pod. Stormtroopers usually don’t get too much respect — they are expendable bodies as far as the Empire is concerned — but Davin Felth was not your run-of-the-mill stormtrooper. Oh no. At the age of 18, Felth joined the Empire, and graduated from its toughest training ground [on the planet Carida]. He excelled in the realm of walker training, and had high hopes of working in that facet of Imperial military might. Immersing himself in learning everything he could about the monstrous, intimidating machines, Felth found a flaw in the elephant-like vehicles, and pointed out the problem to his superiors. Expecting to be rewarded in the form of a promotion, Felth instead was assigned to a stormtrooper unit as a foot soldier, and was shipped off to that planet farthest away from the brightest center of the universe. Tracking down the Jawas who had picked up C3PO and R2D2 and the couple who eventually purchased the droids, Felth found himself in the contingent of stormtroopers tasked with slaughtering the merchants and the Larses. These actions did not sit well with Davin Felth. When the unit found itself at Docking Bay 94 where a firefight ensued, Felth mutinied, shooting his commanding officer, Captain Terrik, in the back. Some might not consider such action as honorable, but Felth saw Terrik as a scourge on the Empire. As far as Felth was concerned, the massacres on Tatooine, as well as the skewed way in which the Empire dealt with its loyal citizens and military personnel were indicative of how the Empire truly felt about its role “governing” the galaxy. Felth quickly began to see the Empire in a new light. He threw his lot in with the Rebel Alliance, working as a mole in the Imperial military. He did, of course, inform the rebel leaders about the AT-AT’s design flaw. The Empire might ignore such important information, but the Alliance certainly wouldn’t — and didn’t! 🙂

Felth could not justify the brutality and abuse inflicted on others. I imagine it was a rude awakening for the soldier. After all, he had been a loyal member of the military … but when it became obvious the way in which the military conducted its business, Felth took matters into his own hands. How else could he live with himself? Like Eekway, Felth, too, found he could be of service to the Rebellion by working from the inside. That is not an easy position in which to place oneself. Eventually, when the situation got too hot for the stormtrooper, he jumped ship — leaving his armor behind, and becoming a full-fledged member of the Rebel Alliance. He was part of Han Solo’s elite force on Endor tasked to take down the shield generator protecting the second Death Star. Felth’s knowledge of the various Imperial walkers was instrumental in helping the Rebels and their allies emerge victorious on the forest moon. Felth was injured in the fight, but recovered. Eventually, he was promoted to the rank of Captain, and later retired. [Remember: Those musings that appear after I imagine are my suppositions as to what happens to each character. 🙂 ]

That wraps up this installment of “The ABCs of Star Wars”. I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about some of the obscure characters. I’ve certainly enjoyed this. I’m learning so much! 🙂

[The 2008, three-volume “The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia” and IMDb.com, as well as my countless viewings of all six films aided in my research.]

Two hundred thirty-two days and counting …

Until next time, MTFBWY 🙂

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