Melinda’s Brew: A Peep[s] Show – Star Wars-Style

Melinda’s Brew: A Peep[s] Show – Star Wars-Style

“Aren’t you a little squishy for a stormtrooper?” I can imagine the seemingly relaxed Princess Leia asking the white armored-clad being who bursts into her cell aboard the Death Star in the first Peeps-inspired Star Wars film. That is the first thought that popped into my head when I espied the sole Star Wars-inspired entry in this year’s Racine [Wisconsin] Art Museum’s Peeps Competition and Exhibit, which is on display at RAM [through Sunday, April 8, 2018]. There, in all its glory, sits the aptly titled “Peep Wars”. The youngster who created the boxed scene took some liberties with who was present in Emperor Palpatine’s throne room in Return of the Jedi, but that’s neither here nor there. The important thing is there was a Star Wars entry this year – and it won its division!

RAM’s 2018 exhibition marks the ninth consecutive year the art museum, located in Racine, Wisconsin, has held the event. I got wise to it back in 2012 when I visited the museum on behalf of my oldest daughter – who happens to love Peeps™. Erin lives in California, and she never has been able to make it home to Wisconsin to attend. I always have been happy to check out each new year’s collection of creative, clever ways to incorporate Peeps into a work of art. If memory serves me correctly, there has been a Star Wars entry every year I have made the drive down to Racine – except last year, that is. In 2017, I made my way around the exhibit room to find nary a single Star Wars-related entry … despite the fact that Rogue One was still going strong in theaters. While I would be misleading you if I said I was interested only in creations centering on our beloved Saga – I always am in awe of how the artists manipulate and use the colorful marshmallow, sugary treats to create works of wonder – it was great to see a Star Wars-based entrant when I drove down to Racine earlier this week.

Creative License. It’s easy to believe this year’s winner in the 13 & Under Division thought Luke Peepwalker could have used some help from his friends when he was brought before Emperor Peepapeep. Thus, she included them – Rpeep2Peep, C3PeepO, Peep Solo, Peep Leia and Peepbacca – in her interpretation of the moment Darth Peeper presents his offspring to the galaxy’s sinister leader. [I love her creative flair in naming each of the characters. Didn’t she do a great job giving each Peeps character his or her hairstyle! I especially like Peep Leia’s iconic buns and Peepbacca’s mane. 🙂 ]

What a coup – the Star Wars-themed Peeps entry that broke the short-lived drought walked away with first-place honors in the 13 & Under Category! Impressive. Most impressive. 🙂 The youth created her masterpiece using duct tape, foam core, tissue paper, craft foam, paper, yarn, glow sticks, doll hair, pipe cleaners, cardboard and graphite. [The Peeps, the one required element, do not need to be listed in the list of materials used. 😉 ] Of course, a creative, clever imagination goes a long way in putting a Peeps spin on any scene, setting, literary interpretation … creating a pun in the process. [Believe me … there are quite a few of the latter. 😉 ] I have oohed and aahed at many a creation over the years … as have I let loose loud chuckles and downright guffaws while making my way around the exhibit room on the first floor. Not only do visitors get to partake of the artistic displays sitting on tables and those hung on walls, they also get to cast their individual ballots for the Peeple’s Choice Award [the diminutive statuette was created by artist Amanda Paffrath of Hot Shop Glass in Racine, Wisconsin.]

If you’re wondering whether I ever have considered crafting an entry of my own, I have. These days, Peeps come in a variety of shapes and colors, and all it takes is a bit of ingenuity, an idea to get the marshmallow rolling, and a sense of humor. And time. That’s my biggest roadblock. Every time I get to thinking about putting forth an entry, time is against me. Maybe if I start thinking and experimenting now [I’ve never worked with Peeps before … that is, besides opening a package and popping one of the sweet treats in my mouth. 😉 ], I might come up with an entry of my own for next year’s competition. Please don’t think the competitive exhibition is open only to Wisconsin residents. RAM receives Peeps submissions from all over the country!

Who knows – maybe next year I’ll see one from you! 🙂

Movie Magic. Star Wars has inspired individuals to pursue careers in film, the arts, science, and permeates almost every facet of life. Could George Lucas ever have thought – in his most wild of dreams – that fans would be inspired to craft a scene from his space opera using those squishy marshmallow-y treats covered in colored sugar? Maybe not … but that hasn’t stopped fans from doing just that as this entry [left] from a past Peeps competition at the Racine Art Museum proves.

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