Marvel Touts “Star Wars Saga,” “Empire Ascendant” Comics for December

Marvel Touts “Star Wars Saga,” “Empire Ascendant” Comics for December

Marvel will release Star Wars Saga and Star Wars: Empire Ascendent in December, replacing the publisher’s flagship Star Wars monthly set to end in November, with a retrospective best-of first issue that highlights key moments from the series’ 75-issue run and take readers to the edge of The Empire Strikes Back.

The first issue of Star Wars Saga is set for release Dec. 4, and is best-of look back for readers of Star Wars (Vol. 2)

“As the stage is set for the next great chapter in Marvel’s exploration of the galaxy far, far away, get caught up on the story so far,” the company said in its solicitations for December’s comics.

Star Wars Saga #1 will revisit stories by Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen and Greg Pak that saw Luke’s first encounter with Darth Vader, the Rebellion’s clashes with the Empire, the introduction of Sana Starros and more.

The 56-page one-shot Empire Ascendant that sets the stage for the cinematic opening of The Empire Strikes Back, with four key stories featuring Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo as the Rebels dig in on Hoth.

The issue’s writers include Greg Pak, Charles Soule, Simon Spurrier and Ethan Sacks, with art by Luke Ross, Roland Boschi and more.

The book, on sale Dec. 18, will also follow Darth Vader in his pursuit of the hidden Rebel Base while Doctor Aphra appears, along with Magna Tolvan and Vulaada. Aphra must reckon with her legacy while Tolvan and Vulaada adjust to a life of rebellion.

The fourth story features Beilert Valance (the star of Target Vader) taking on a new mission that, should he fail, could imperil not only his life, but Han Solo and the entire Rebel Alliance.

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