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It’s no secret that Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Vader series has been among its consistently top-selling titles, finding a home in the monthly top 10 titles since it began nearly two years ago.

Now, as August gets underway, the series last two issues — Nos. 24 and 25 — will debut, bringing to a conclusion the story of Darth Vader’s attempts at redemption in the aftermath of the devastating loss of the Death Star in A New Hope.

To mark the event, Marvel unveiled a host of variant covers for the final, oversized 56-page issue, which has been delayed to Oct. 5 from Aug. 31. It’ll sell for $5.99.

To see more covers, click below.

Writer Kieron Gillen detailed the decision to end the story in an interview with IGN in May, telling the website that “… we’ve always said all the way through, from Darth Vader #1, that this was a story with a beginning, a middle and an end.”

Artists include Juan Gimenez, Adi Granov, Jamie McKelvie, Michael Cho, Kamome Shirahama, Joe Quesada, Chris Samnee, Sara Pichelli, Cliff Chiang and series artist Salvador Larroca. Also featured will be an action-figure variant by John Tyler Christopher, along with a sketch variant by Quesada.

Check with your comic shop about the ones you like and, in some cases, be prepared to shell out some serious credits. These tend to go fast and sell high amid feverish speculation.


Juan Gimenez


Kamome Shirahama


Chris Samnee


Joe Quesada


Salvador Larroca


John Tyler Christopher


Jamie McKelvie


Cliff Chiang


Sara Pichelli



Quesada Sketch

Quesada Sketch


























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