Marvel Adds One More Issue to First Star Wars Comics Series With One Shot #108 in May

Marvel Adds One More Issue to First Star Wars Comics Series With One Shot #108 in May

Slightly more than 33 years after the then final issue of Marvel’s Star Wars comic abruptly ended, the publisher is bringing it back around for at least one more issue — for now — featuring a who’s who of canon characters and now-Legends era characters the original series created for the comic book.

Star Wars #108 is set for release on May 29. The story, written by Matthew Rosenberg (We Can Never Go Home, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Multiple Man, Black Canary), and featuring art by Giuseppe Camuncoli (Darth Vader Vol. 2), Luke Ross (Star Wars: Age of Republic), Kerry Gammill (Fallen Angels, Cloak and Dagger, Power Man and Iron Fist), Andrea Broccardo (Star Wars Vol. 2) and others, is being published as part of Marvel’s year-long 80th anniversary celebration.

The publisher says the story is a “… Legends-era sequel to the legendary comic book writer Archie Goodwin’s ‘The Crimson Forever” story that appeared in the August 1981 issue Star Wars #50 that went on sale in May. The comic, the first double-sized issue of Star Wars, Vol. 1, featured pencils by Al Williamson and Walter Simonson, inks by Williamson, Tom Palmer, Dave Simons, Rick J. Bryant and Simonson, was colored by Don Warfield and lettered by Ed Stuart, John Morelli and Irving Watanabe. The cover was done by Palmer.

Marvel says #108 reunites Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2, along with Jaxxon, Amaiza Foxtrain, Domina Tagge and Valance the Hunter in a new story that promises to be a “… galaxy-threatening, nostalgic roller coaster.” (It should be noted that Jaxxon and Amaiza both returned to canon in the pages of the 2018 Star Wars Adventures annual written by Cavan Scott.)

Missing, for now, from the publisher’s details about #108 is any mention of Lando Calrissian.

Rosenberg, in an interview with, described the one shot has a labor of love, given he grew up reading the 1977-86 series as boy and because it was the first series he collected for himself.

“Those books were so important to me in developing my love of comics. I’d go to the comic shop every week and dig around in the back issues in hopes of adding another missing issue to my collection,” he told the web site on Feb. 13. “When it all would get to be too much, my mom would take me to a local comic con to find other issues for me as a way of shutting me up. I’m proud to say that I have the complete run in singles issues still.”

While issue #108 is just a one shot, Rosenberg made it abundantly clear that he’d love to play in the Lucasfilm Star Wars comics sand box, including team-ups between Valance the Hunter and Boba Fett as well as Amaiza Foxtrain and Lando Calrissian.

“And, I know I will never hear the end of it, but I’d love to write a Jaxxon and Jar Jar book,” he told “And you all know you’d buy it.”

He’s right. We would.

Star Wars #108 is out May 29 in comic shops and features covers by Walter Simonson and Carmine Infantino. It’s edited by Tom Groneman and Mark Paniccia.

More details should be released about the book when Marvel releases details of its May solicits on Feb. 19.

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