A few weeks back, before the Big Announcement of his return as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VII, Mark Hamill was interviewed for Me-TV by Chicago area horror host Svengoolie (aka Rich Koz).

It’s well worth reading the entire interview straight from the source, so links are provided, but suffice it to say it’s endlessly fun. Just a few of the topics include The Star Wars Holiday Special, Peter Cushing, Batman (Of course!), some of Mr. Hamill’s early roles, and his love for classic television and horror. Episode VII isn’t addressed – for reasons that are now quite obvious! It’s hard to talk about what you can’t talk about – Right?

Here’s the introduction to the interview, just for some background on how this all came about in the first place:

For a room full of Star Wars fans, the notion of calling Mark Hamill (“Luke Skywalker” in the original trilogy) seemed like something from a galaxy far, far away. But there we were recently, talking to the man himself. His Star Wars role has him etched permanently in the collective consciousness of cinema, and not just in the sci-fi wing, but the main room as well. But beyond his iconic role, Mark Hamill is an incredibly busy voiceover artist, most famously giving the voice (and insidious signature cackle, in all its various shades) to the animated Batman series and its assorted accompanying video games. That he’s made such a mark in various sci-fi and fantasy situations is right in keeping with his own interests. He grew up as a science fiction and monster movie aficionado, and when he happened upon a Svengoolie episode one night, he was immediately transported back in time to the all but long gone days of horror hosts. The experience kick-started an immediate and enthusiastic bond not only with Sven, but with Me-TV as a network. He’s a faithful viewer, and was as eager to speak with us as we were with him. We gathered round our speakerphone and introduced ourselves.

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