‘Looking For Leia’ Celebrates May the Fourth

‘Looking For Leia’ Celebrates May the Fourth

Here’s a May the Fourth update from Annalise Ophelian and Looking for Leia.

May the Fourth Be With You!
Star Wars Day greetings from New York City!

We’ve been filming pick ups this week (and thanks for that, we wouldn’t be here without your support!), but the crew took some time out to record a group conversation about working on Looking for Leia. Join me, co-editor/location sound mixer StormMiguel Florez, assistant producer Catrina Dennis, and second camera Emilia Quinton as we talk women in fandom, decolonizing documentary film, and our Star Wars faves.

We’re also on the Good Morning America homepage today, so be sure to check that out!

This week of pick up shoots and interviews in NYC has been out of this galaxy. Catrina and I were invited to the Topps headquarters, where we ogled the newest Solo trading cards:

Photographer Rhynna Santos and a crew of Leias took over West 26th Street for a series of rock star group portraits:

And we had the chance to sit down and interview amazing women about the role fandom has played in their lives, relationships, self-care strategies and identity formation:

We’re celebrating Star Wars Day with a trip to the Bronx Documentary Center and a visit to a tattoo parlor with members of Geek Girl Brunch. Place your bets now how many of us escape without getting a liiiittle more ink…

Wishing you a Yub Nub-tastic day, MT4thBWY!

Visit Looking For Leia. Also, be sure to check out Annalise Ophelian’s recent appearance on Coffee With Kenobi!

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