Kevin Kiner, the composer for the amazing music heard in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, has done something pretty fantastic – You can now listen to at least 57 tracks from all five seasons right on his official website! This is a special treat for fans who may not have been able to purchase the scores previously, or for those who just want something incredible to listen to while performing other tasks online (as this music lover is doing right now!).

The orchestrations from The Clone Wars were certainly part of what made that series so memorable, and one would hope that Mr. Kiner’s talents are employed in the future… In a galaxy far, far away in particular… Star Wars Rebels, perhaps? Just a suggestion for the powers that be (if that sort of thing has yet to be decided, of course). 😉

Go ahead and give your ears a treat right now over on http://www.kevinkiner.com/music/

(Source: Making Star Wars)

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