Listen to an Audiobook Excerpt from ‘Star Wars: Canto Bight’

Listen to an Audiobook Excerpt from ‘Star Wars: Canto Bight’

StarWars.com has released another sneak peek at the upcoming Star Wars novel, Canto Bight, but this time it’s an excerpt from the audiobook. Here’s a brief synopsis:

In Canto Bight, Lexo Sooger kept his head down. Didn’t get involved. As the city’s finest masseur, he would often learn his rich clients’ deepest secrets. But he always stayed neutral. That’s about to change.

In “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing,” a novella by Rae Carson in the upcoming Canto Bight book, a corrupt politician has big plans for Lexo Sooger: become an informant for the city’s elite, or his adopted daughter pays the price. To save her, Lexo has to rely on a particular set of skills from a past he wishes he could forget.

You can listen to the audiobook excerpt from Canto Bight at StarWars.com.

Canto Bight will be available December 5, and you can pre-order now on Amazon.

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