Legends Library: Knight Errant

Legends Library: Knight Errant

Just hours after learning of the passing of Peter Mayhew, Liisa, Cole, and Randy discuss the loss of such an iconic figure. They also give reactions to Master and Apprentice and the Dooku book. This week they review the book Knight Errant by John Jackson Miller

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  1. Jonathan D Koan
    May 5, 2019 at 21:45 Reply

    One of the things that makes JJM my favorite Star Wars author is his ability to tie in his novels to history. When I spoke with him about Knight Errant, he said that the different types of Sith were supposed to be representative of the different types of Communism during the twentieth century. Communism in Russia was drastically different from Communism in China which was different from Communism in Vietnam. Similarily, one can be a Sith and be completely different in style and personality than another sith.

    I also liked how the fact that the Sith fought with each other connects to how the Communists in China don’t like how closed off the Russians are and the Russians don’t like how non-militant the American Fabian Socialists are. Similarily, the extreme Sith in this book are unhappy with the more mainstream sith and vice versa.

    I could go on and on about how much JJM puts into his novels, but I’m really happy that you guys finally read the book(particularly you, Randy, since I know you couldn’t get into it at first) and enjoyed it.

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