Lattes With Leia, featuring Amy Ratcliffe and Dr. Andrea Letamendi, joins the Coffee With Kenobi Family

Lattes With Leia, featuring Amy Ratcliffe and Dr. Andrea Letamendi, joins the Coffee With Kenobi Family

Lattes-With-Leia_Logo From the Network That Brings You the Hit Podcast COFFEE WITH KENOBI, Comes a Brand-New Way to Experience and Talk About STAR WARS… LATTES WITH LEIA! Co-hosts Amy Ratcliffe and Dr. Andrea Letamendi invite you to grab your favorite cup of java and join them to discuss all things Star Wars on their new monthly podcast with a fresh perspective! From the cinematic to the animated, the villains to the heroes, the classics to the latest, they’ll cover all the popular—and even not-so-popular—aspects of the iconic franchise.

“Andrea and I have bonded over our enthusiasm for Star Wars for as long as we’ve known each other,” explains Ratcliffe. “In fact, one of our first encounters happened when she was dressed as Darth Vader and I was dressed as Han Solo. I’m excited to share our passion with others and to have engaging discussions about everything from Rey to blue milk.” “I’m excited to transform those treasured chats into a dialogue that others can be a part of,” adds Letamendi. “Our perspective will be inclusive, open-minded and welcoming. But we’ll also be exploratory, examining and real—no façade, no filter; this is ‘us on Star Wars.’” “We are thrilled and honored to have the talent, insight, and passion of two of the most influential voices in fandom join the Coffee With Kenobi family,” says Dan Zehr. “Amy Ratcliffe and Dr. Andrea Letamendi are ensconced in the mythology of Star Wars in profound ways; you’ll never look at the saga the same way again.” “Hopefully,” Letamendi continues. “Lattes with Leia will open the doors to some great discussions from our unique perspectives. We’re looking forward to engaging with other fans, whether they’re from our star system or a galaxy far, far away.” Lattes with Leia is updated monthly as part of the Coffee with Kenobi podcast and can be found at CoffeewithKenobi.com or by subscribing via iTunes and other fine podcast outlets. Look for the debut show on January 29th, 2016! Follow Lattes With Leia on Twitter

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