Lattes with Leia #34: The Impact of Toxicity

Lattes with Leia #34: The Impact of Toxicity

What are the effects of negativity and toxicity in fandom? How can we support each other and be good allies? We dive into the topic on the newest Lattes with Leia and look at studies, Kelly Marie Tran’s essay, and more.

Stuff we mention on the show:
Loungefly’s The Phantom Menace design
Kelly Marie Tran’s comments about online harassment
Washington Post’s research project on “Who Hates Star Wars?”
Rally for Rose at San Diego Comic-Con
Domhnall Gleeson’s comments

R2-DTX drink
1 serving
Equal parts warm apple cider and room temp ginger ale
Splash of fresh lemon juice
Optional: 1oz Irish whiskey
Stir to mix. Add a fresh slice of lemon or cinnamon stick as garnish.

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Consider the concepts and what you can do to support other fans. How do we reinforce toxic fandom? In what ways can we dismantle it?

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