Lattes with Leia #31: Star Wars and Parasocial Relationships

Lattes with Leia #31: Star Wars and Parasocial Relationships

Do you feel like you have a bond to a fictional character? Have you ever wondered if that one-sided connection has been studied? It has. On the newest episode of Lattes with Leia, Andrea leads a discussion on parasocial relationships: what they are, factors related to the strength of parasocial relationships, the dark side of such connections, and more.

Some of the stuff we mention on the show:
Leggings by Terez
Lantern Pins (specifically the empress pins)
TedX Talk on Parasocial Relationships

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Share your thoughts about PSR with us! If you feel like telling us which characters you’re attached to and how you responded to the questions at the end of the episode, we’d love to hear from you.

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