Writer Kieron Gillen is leaving not just Marvel’s flagship Star Wars comic monthly title, but the galaxy, too.

Gillen, who took over the title with issue #38, repacing long-time writer Jason Aaron, revealed the move in his personal newsletter on Jan. 9.

I have three issues left to write in ‘The Scourging of Shu-Torun.’ That’s issue 67, the end of my story, and I’ll be off. No present plans to write anything else in Star Wars – I suspect I’ve said all I’ve wanted to about these characters in comics. At least in this period, anyway.

© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Under his guidance, Star Wars took readers back to Jedha, first seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film and detailed the machinations of alliances with Darth Vader by Queen Trios.

His stories also dovetailed with a crossover of sorts with Charles Soule’s recently-concluded Darth Vader series to detail the taking of Mon Cala by the Empire and how it led to Admirals Raddus and Ackbar to become part of the Rebel Alliance.

Gillen also wrote the devastating “Hope Dies” arc, too, which detailed the Rebel Alliance’s near crippling destruction by the Imperials.

The current arc, “The Escape”, saw part IV released Jan. 9

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