Kessel Run Marathon Featured on Blog; Links to Coffee With Kenobi

Kessel Run Marathon Featured on Blog; Links to Coffee With Kenobi


Check out Cory’s photo on above!

Great friend of the show, and Star Wars virtuoso Mark Newbold of Jedi News U.K. discusses the Kessel Run Podcast in his latest Blog for the Official Site, and Coffee With Kenobi gets an amazing plug!  Here’s an excerpt:

Our last guests in the wee small hours (for me at least) were Cory and Dan from Coffee With Kenobi, which the more discerning listeners will know is one of the very best podcasts out there. By this point I was flagging, it being 3 a.m. for me. So like Wedge Antilles pulling out of the Death Star trench at the last moment, I said my goodbyes and carbon-froze myself to sleep as the show continued, with Joao from the Cantina Cast joining to take part.

A tremendous thanks to Mark for including us in the Blog, and for his kind words.  Truly, we are humbled and grateful; the Force is strong with our amazing fan community!  Be sure to check out the Blog, and get to know the other amazing Podcasters and shows out there!  It’s never to late to donate to Rancho Obi-Wan, and support this amazing place.

Thanks again to Jason from for including us in the Kessel Run!

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