Kanan Corps members rejoice! Despite the series’ truncated end after just 12 issues, fans clamoring for a splendid copy can keep their floppies bagged and boarded.
Marvel intends to release a Star Wars: Kanan omnibus on Dec. 7 that features all 12 issues of the series, which began life as Kanan — The Last Padawn before changing its name to just Kanan with the sixth issue.

The oversized book will be 272 pages and retail for $34.99.

Written by Greg Weisman, with art by Pepe Larraz, Jacopi Camagni and Andrea Broccardo, the series drew critical acclaim from its readers, topping 100,000 copies for its debut issue.

While readership trailed off in the following months, its mix of action, verve and poignant storytelling captured the hearts of the book’s fans.

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