Join the ‘Wear Star Wars Every Day’ Force Friday Fundraiser!

Join the ‘Wear Star Wars Every Day’ Force Friday Fundraiser!


If you listen to Star Wars podcasts (such as Coffee With Kenobi) or just keep up with Star Wars fan happenings via social media, you’ve probably heard of the Wear Star Wars Every Day fundraiser. If not, here’s a quick rundown from the man behind the campaign, “Jawa” James Floyd:

My name is James and I am a big fan of Star Wars. Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of Star Wars-themed clothing, mostly t-shirts, but also hats and other things. I thought, “Why not wear a different item every day starting at the beginning of 2016 and see how far I could go?” Then I thought, “Why not do this and see if I could go a whole year with other fans helping me out, by letting me wear their cool Star Wars clothes?” And finally, I thought, “Why not do this and turn it into a walkathon-style fundraiser for a worthy group that helps people?” I chose Collateral Repair Project, a non-profit organization that helps urban refugees with emergency aid, education, and community building in Amman, Jordan.

Great idea for a fundraiser, right? It’s a unique approach for a truly worthy cause.

Now, with Force Friday arriving September 30, James and CWK contributor Nick DiColandrea have decided to do something special to raise more funds and awareness for the Wear Star Wars Every Day endeavor.

Here’s the plan: Force Friday will be the 274th consecutive day of James wearing a Star Wars item, but it will also be a two-item bonus day! In addition to James wearing something special Force Friday, Nick has generously offered to loan his signed one-of-a-kind Durham Bulls R2-D2 game-worn jersey! The jerseys were worn to celebrate Star Wars Day, May the 4th, 2014.

Nick donated $500 at auction to the Autism Society of North Carolina for the jersey two years ago, and that amount will be the Wear Star Wars Every Day fundraising goal set for Force Friday. After an initial starting goal of $75 is reached, James will switch to the R2-D2 jersey and post a special “bonus content” photo!

Such a fantastic way to celebrate the best of Star Wars on Force Friday — Not only with all the cool toys for Rogue One, but also by donating some of your toy buying funds to a cause that is doing good work for those living through very difficult times.

To donate, and for more information about this fundraiser, please visit the Wear Star Wars Every Day GoFundMe page.

**Here’s a fun idea from James: When you donate to Wear Star Wars Every Day, be sure to leave a comment on the fundraising page stating that you’re on TeamCWK! Let’s show everyone that Coffee With Kenobi has the most generous listeners!**

You can listen to James Floyd’s recent appearance on CWK here.

Thank you to James and Nick! May the Force be with you!

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