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J.J. Abrams has been out promoting his new book, S., and he was recently interviewed by Metro News in the UK. He discusses the idea behind the book, and how the collaboration with British author Doug Dorst came about. He also admits to writing some “dodgy screenplays’ in the past – and the present. Based on his body of work up to this point, it would be fair to say his successes outweigh his clunkers.

When asked about people in their 30’s or 40’s who still hold tightly to things they loved in childhood, he says that he’s “not sure there’s any difference in this generation as opposed to others – whether it’s sports or novels or TV re-runs, you can always find instances where people have been reading or doing the same thing they enjoyed as kids.” That is most likely the reasoning behind most reboots. They’re an easier sell when you’ve got a built-in audience.

He calls his work on the Star Trek reboot an “honor,” and being at the helm gave him an appreciation for the franchise he didn’t have as kid.

Of course, the conversation turns in the direction of Star Wars. While Abrams was not a Star Trek aficionado while growing up, he was a big fan of Star Wars. He was 11 years old in 1977, and the first movie made quite the impression!

Says Abrams, “The first Star Wars film felt incredibly authentic, it was wildly fun, you could feel it – it had wonderful characters and relationships and was incredibly inventive and moving. The first Star Wars movie was so brilliant in its construction, execution, casting, design. I’d never seen anything like it. It brought a huge heart and sense of humour into a world, which blew my mind. I saw it at 11 and remember being completely rocked.”

Abrams is well aware of the fan expectation surrounding Episode VII, and he’s dealing with it by “working hard with people who are incredibly good at their jobs.”

At one point, he even has a bit of fun at his own expense. When asked about his love for the British series “Downton Abbey,” he praises the production, the characters, the scripts, and the cast – but he feels the show could benefit from a few more lens flares….

You can read in interview in its entirety here.

Find out more about S. here and view the book trailer below.

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