'Star Trek' Photocall

J.J. Abrams recently made on appearance on The Tavis Smiley Show on PBS, and he discussed a few things pertaining to Star Wars.

First up, he talked about his first meeting with Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy. His original intent was to say no to any involvement with Episode VII, but he was so intrigued by that meeting that he couldn’t refuse. Who can blame him? Abrams is a life-long Star Wars fan and, after all was said, the idea of being an active participant was ultimately irresistible:

“It’s that thing that you feel. It’s like casting a role in a movie or a show. More importantly, by quite a bit, meeting the person you know you should be with for the rest of your life. You could talk about it forever and try to quantify what the qualities are, but the truth is when you walk into that restaurant and you see that person, it just hits you and you know. It’s hard to know exactly what those qualities are.

As for concerns that Disney might “Disneyfy” Star Wars… Well, he makes it clear that Disney is aware of those fears and “they don’t want that at all, that’s the last thing they want.”

You can read more of what J.J. Abrams and to say about Star Wars (and Star Trek) here. Or, you can watch the interview here.

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