It’s A Great Time To Be Alive

It’s A Great Time To Be Alive


We live in an interesting era.

In exactly one week a new Star Wars movie will be unleashed upon the world. And this isn’t any ordinary Star Wars movie, this is a Star Wars movie with Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca! We haven’t seen these guys in action for over three decades (Okay we’ve seen Chewie, but I digress) so this is going to feel like the greatest class reunion of all time, complete with answers to all the annoying questions that get asked at such events: What have you been up to, Han old buddy? How are the kids, Leia? You do have kids, don’t you; I seem to remember a time when you did but now my memory seems a bit fuzzy on the matter, as if an entire timeline was just erased from existence. Yo Chewie, how come Itchy never comes around anymore? Hey Luke, you are in this picture, aren’t you?

In seven days, all of the fan theories, the crazed speculations (coughlukeiskylorencough) will either be confirmed or denied. We will finally know how Rey and Finn fit into all of this. We will know why the good guys are still on the run after their victory over Vader and the Emperor. And we will finally find out why Finn has Luke’s old lightsaber.

It has been a fun journey since that fateful day on October 30, 2012, when Disney announced that George Lucas had handed over the reigns of Lucasfilm to the House of Mouse. Skepticism ran rampant. How would the company known for toddler friendly fare handle a film franchise that frequently featured severed limbs and charred bodies? Ignoring the fact that the same company turned Marvel into the powerhouse of adult themed movies that kids also enjoy, this question still seemed relevant.

Come next week we will know for certain.

We’ve dissected every trailer and searched every behind the scenes video for the smallest clue. Some of us (not myself) scoured the internet for every leaked image or drone footage we could find. We waited. We’ve watched. We’ve yearned.

Not all of us made it to this point; there have been losses. Daniel Fleetwood. Katie Johnson, to name a few. There may not be a physical body to occupy a chair on opening night but they will still be there with us, waving their lightsabers as the opening crawl rolls across the screen. Do not mourn them this evening, they have the best seats in the house.

We are all witnesses to the renaissance of Star Wars. Like the phoenix, it has risen from the ashes anew. Make no mistake, it is not the same Star Wars that we’ve come to know; it has changed, yes, but let’s be honest, haven’t we all? Are the changes for the better? My heart tells me yes, and my heart is seldom wrong.

Star Wars fans, it is truly a great time to be alive.

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