Introducing the Star Wars Collection at Furniture.com!

Introducing the Star Wars Collection at Furniture.com!


Are you looking to do a little redecorating? Why not start in the kid’s bedroom? (Or you own, for that matter?) Introducing the new Star Wars Collection available at Furniture.com! Sleep soundly in a galaxy far, far away in the Millennium Falcon. Dream of other seeing other worlds in the Landspeeder bed, or taking down the Death Star in your very own X-wing! There’s even a TIE fighter desk, for those with Imperial sympathies.

Check out a selection below:


Star Wars Millennium Falcon™ Gray 3 Pc Full Bookcase Bed


Star Wars Landspeeder™ Orange 5 Pc Twin Panel Bed with Engine Storage Night Tables


Star Wars X-wing™ Black 4 Pc Right Twin Bookcase Bed w/Trundle


Star Wars TIE Fighter Gray Desk

Be sure to check out the entire collection, including additional bed sizes and Star Wars rugs, now at Furniture.com!

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