Update: Receive a Special Link to an Exclusive Show and get Eligible to Win A Coffee Chat with the Coffee With Kenobi Patreon Page!

Update: Receive a Special Link to an Exclusive Show and get Eligible to Win A Coffee Chat with the Coffee With Kenobi Patreon Page!


2016 CWK Coffee Mugs Coffee Mug Mug TeePublic

Want to be a guest on our show, help us interview one of our guests, or interview us on a special podcast of your very own? Interested in Coffee With Kenobi swag, including a tee shirt or coffee mug, featuring our award winning logo? The Coffee With Kenobi Patreon page is for you!

Through Patreon, listeners get the chance to help support Coffee With Kenobi, and to have even more opportunities to be a part of the show. Each donation is an entry to win your very own Coffee Chat, as well as even more amazing experiences.

The Coffee Chat prize package features your chance to be on the show, and to have a Coffee Chat with us. You pick the topic, we record and release the conversation, and you answer our five questions at the end of the show. It’s a show all about you and your Star Wars fandom, and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

To be eligible to win the bi-annual CWK Coffee Chat, you must be a contributor to our Patreon page. Twice a year, we select a winner for the Coffee Chat; as a monthly contributor, you receive a specific amount of entries based on your monthly contribution:

$5.00 a month = 1 entry a month

$10.00 a month = 2 entries a month

$35.00 a month = 10 entries a month

$50.00 a month = 25 entries a month

$100.00 a month = 50 entries a month

$250.00 a month = 100 entries a month

The longer you are a contributor, the more entries you will receive. For example, if you contribute $35.00 a month for 6 months, you will receive 60 entries in the bi-annual drawing!

And that’s not all; for those of you feeling particularly generous, you may get the chance to pick a show topic and co-host it with us, or even select the guest and be on the entire show (pending guest approval and availability)!

In addition, Coffee With Kenobi Patreon members who contribute $10.00 or more a month will receive a special link to our Patreon monthly Coffee With Kenobi podcast not available anywhere else!

If that wasn’t enough of an amazing opportunity, you can also get some serious Coffee With Kenobi swag! For instance:CWK Coffee Mug

A pledge of $35 gets you your own Coffee With Kenobi coffee mug!



A pledge of $50 gets you your own Coffee With Kenobi T Shirts Coffee With Kenobicoffee mug or tee shirt!




A pledge of $100 or $250 gets you your own Coffee With Kenobi coffee mug AND tee shirt!

Unlike a Kickstarter campaign, Patreon is a recurring monthly donation that helps support our show. A pledge to Coffee With Kenobi goes towards the expense of creating, producing, and recording our podcast, which currently has over 150 shows since May of 2013! Our podcast will always be free to our wonderful listeners; this is just a way to give back to the show.

Monthly fees incurred producing the show (podcast RSS feed; webpage and web-hosting; Skype telephone number for exclusive interviews), keeping our equipment updated (microphones, mixer, etc.), and the travel (gas, lodging, transportation, food) to cover Star Wars conventions, such as Star Wars Celebration, Star Wars Weekends, and Comic-Cons.

A pledge to Coffee With Kenobi is a pledge to help us continue to bring you our own unique blend of analysis and rhetoric through your feedback, discussion, and interaction. You truly have a voice in fandom, and we want to help get the word out!

Pledge to Coffee With Kenobi today; click here for more details.

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