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Marvel achieved a milestone in July: None of its Star Wars comics were among the top 20 books sold in comic shops during the month, the first time since the debut of Star Wars #1 in January 2015.

The sales rankings are compiled by Diamond Comics Distributors Inc.

Author and comics aficianado John Jackson Miller breaks down the sales estimates monthly on his website, Comichron: The Comics Chronicles, to determine how many copies were sold that month of a particular title, while also including the cover price of each particular issue. (Diamond and Miller track only print sales, not digital.)

It’s clear that the slide in rankings, and decline in issues sold for the Star Wars titles, was due, in part to the massive success of DC ComicsRebirth, which has dominated charts, sales and comics conversations since its ramp up in June (The harbinger of the initiative, DC Universe Rebirth #1 was released in May).

Star Wars #21 was the top-charting and top-selling Star Wars comic, coming in at No. 23 and selling an estimated 90,863 copies, down from No. 14, when it sold 96,047 copies.

Courtesy The Comics Chronicles

July Rankings, Sales From The Comics Chronicles

Star Wars: Han Solo #2 followed closely behind in 26th place, with 83,738 copies sold, down 22 spots from the first issue’s debut at No. 4 in June, when it sold 152,596 copies.

Darth Vader #23 was 30th, selling 77,430 copies vs. No. 21 for Darth Vader 21, which sold 79,065, and Darth Vader #22, which was No. 23 in June, selling 77,610 copies. (The title double-shipped during that month, hence both issues.)

Coming in at No. 44 was Star Wars: Poe Dameron #4, which sold 57,712 copies vs. 60,889 copies for issue #3 in June, when it was No. 43.

Last, but not least, but still last among the Star Wars comics titles, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation #2 was No. 51, with 49,243 issues sold. In June, the six-issue mini-series’ debut issue sold 79,626 copies, putting it at No. 20.

DC’s success with Rebirth has shaken up the charts, and with more titles, it’s likely to keep doing so. Still, Marvel’s Star Wars titles are consistently selling, and with Darth Vader 25 due on Oct. 12, it’s likely to be back in the top 20, if not Top 10, for that month.

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