ILM’s Lynwen Brennan is Lucasfilm’s New General Manager

ILM’s Lynwen Brennan is Lucasfilm’s New General Manager


Lynwen Brennan has been promoted from president and general manager of Industrial Light & Magic to general manager of Lucasfilm. The new position comes as Star Wars prepares to take over the world once again, and there are (so far unsubstantiated) rumblings of an Indiana Jones reboot.

In a statement to Variety, Brennan said:

“I’m going to be concentrating on the operations of Lucasfilm and to make sure we have a company where everybody can bring their best game, and also collaborating and communicating with our partners at Disney and our partners throughout the Lucasfilm organization to make sure that we are nurturing the (‘Star Wars’) franchise in the right way and that we have a long-term strategic vision for the company.”

“We’re more than a film company, and we’re more than a franchise company,” said Brennan. “The thing that is at the forefront of all of our minds, both here at Lucasfilm and at Disney, is the responsibility to continue George’s legacy with the ‘Star Wars’ films. ‘Star Wars’ means so much to people around the world. That responsibility weighs on me quite heavily, to make sure we make the right choices for the franchise and the fans.”

In her new position, Brennan will report directly to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Walt Disney Studios president Alan Bergman.


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