How to Attend ForceFest: Celebrating the Saga, August 28-30

How to Attend ForceFest: Celebrating the Saga, August 28-30


[GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY, August 24, 2020] In the wake of a postponed Star Wars Celebration this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Star Wars fans have come together to create ForceFest: Celebrating The Saga, a virtual convention taking place over the original Star Wars Celebration weekend: August 28-30, 2020. The goal is to replicate the best part of Star Wars Celebration — the community of fans — as well as the giving nature of those fans, by raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

What is ForceFest?

ForceFest is a virtual convention that is FREE to attend and is hosted on, a community-based live-streaming platform. Over the course of 3 days, August 28-30, sixty panels hosted by as many podcasters and content creators will air live on GetVokl, and also simulcast to Facebook and YouTube. Unlike ComicCon@Home, ForceFest panels will be live, and those watching on GetVokl can interact with panelists and other viewers in a live off-camera chat, as well as donate to Make-A-Wish live.

You can expect panels that tackle some hot topics ( Rose Tico Deserved Better, Navigating Fandom with Different Abilities, Celebrating the Diversity in Star Wars ) and also those celebrating special milestones ( The High Ground: Celebrating 15 Years of “Revenge of the Sith,” “The Empire Strikes Back” at 40 ). Plenty more panels will feature fun, geeky conversation ( LEGO and Star Wars, Real Lightsaber Martial Arts, This Is The Law: Lawyers on The Mandalorian, Women in Fandom-Built Business ).

ForceFest features 6 stages, each focused on different aspects of Star Wars:

Content Creator Stage – featuring Star Wars podcasters and YouTubers.

Live Action Stage – focused on live action films and TV shows in Star Wars.

Books, Comics & Animation Stage – panels about books, comics or the beloved animated Star Wars shows.

Interviews and Discussions Stage – Topics on Diversity, mental health; and interviews with Lucasfilm alumni and artists.

Collecting, Art and Fandom Stage – Collectors and art lovers – this is the Stage for you. A celebration of fandom.

Cantina Lounge – This is part panel and part chat room. Learn Star Wars Origami, laugh with Chatter Squadron, drink with the Sci-Fi Pubcast, sing with the Star Wars Musical, dance with Star Wars DJ’s Levelupleroy and DJ Elliot!

Click on each stage above to peruse panel names and descriptions that suit your interests.

The Best Way To Attend ForceFest

Creating a free GetVokl account on your computer is the best way to watch and interact live in the chat, and donate live to Make-A-Wish using VCoin (like Twitch Bits). Many panelists will have a Q&A towards the end, and you may even be invited to “Grab a Spot” on live video to ask a question! The GetVokl platform is heavily focused on community, which is why we’ve partnered with them for ForceFest.

Bookmark the GetVokl ForceFest Landing Page for easy access to the schedule and Stages.

● Once you’ve created an account, check out all six of the ForceFest stages for panels you want to see. Subscribe to the stages for a “going-live” notification when panels start.

● Download the GetVokl app to your mobile device and allow notifications to make sure you don’t miss your favorite panel.

How to Follow Along

● Like the official ForceFest Facebook Page and subscribe to the official ForceFest YouTube channel. Panels will be simulcast to Facebook, and viewable on YouTube. You won’t get the live interaction that you’d get on GetVokl, but this is a great way to see the content as it happens.

● Panels will be recorded and available to view at any time on, Facebook and YouTube.

● Follow #ForceFest2020, and @ForceFestSaga on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

How to Donate to Make-A-Wish

● GetVokl will do 1⁄3 match grant of all donations made through GetVokl V-Coin! Purchase VCoin on GetVokl, and use it to donate during a panel. (tap the handy blue V diamond button on your screen). Everyone watching will see that you’ve donated, and that can inspire even more people to donate!

● You can also donate directly to Make-A-Wish through the ForceFest donation page. See You There!

And #MayTheForceFestBeWithYou

Instagram: @forcefestsaga | Twitter: @ForceFestSaga | Facebook: ForceFest

NOTE: Coffee With Kenobi‘s Dan Z will be hosting the “Star Wars: A Literary Language” virtual panel at the Content Creator Stage on Sunday, August 30, 12:30-1:30pm PT!

About GetVokl

GetVokl is the first free, interactive live-stream video and audience engagement and community-building platform for podcasters and other content creators. GetVokl offers a unique live format with video and audience participation to create a highly compelling and augmented talk radio-like experience.

About the ForceFest Organizers

The organizers of FORCEFEST are a collective of podcasters and livestreamers including: Richard & Sarah Woloski (Skywalking through Neverland / Skywalking Network), Tyler Bucks (Chatter Squadron), Frank Rich (Star Wars Autograph News) and Christy Morris (The 602 Club). Our crew includes Courtney and Kelly Turckel and Kevin Toft of the Skywalking Network; and Chris Seekell (Star Wars Underworld). Logo Design by Sarah Woloski (Skywalking Network)

Poster Design by Liz Cali (GetVokl)
FORCEFEST is not affiliated with LUCASFILM or DISNEY.


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