Holiday Lessons From Star Wars

Holiday Lessons From Star Wars

Star Wars is a source of many real life lessons like learning to fail, knowing how to keep a balanced life, learning to be selfless, and being loyal. With it being the holiday season I thought it would be a good time to talk about other lessons learned in Star Wars: what to do (and not to do) during the holidays. Many gifts are given and parties thrown in the Star Wars saga, and we can learn much from how our favorite characters act and react.

Do: Start playing with a gift almost immediately so the giver knows how much you love it, but try not to lose it. (See: Luke Skywalker accepting his father’s lightsaber from Obi-Wan Kenobi.)

Don’t: Throw the gift over your shoulder upon receiving it, especially if the giver gave you a very personalized present and traveled a long way to give it to you. No one likes an ungrateful person. (See: Luke rudely disposing of his father’s lightsaber after Rey gave it to him.)Image result for luke skywalker first lightsaber


Do: Graciously accept the gift and put it to good use as soon as possible. (See: Princess Leia in Rogue One receiving the Death Star plans.)

Don’t: Try to force someone to give you a gift they had no intention of giving you. (See: Yoda taking Luke’s lamp during their first meeting on Dagobah.)

Image result for yoda stealing luke's lamp


Do: Invite friends and family members, who you haven’t seen in years, to a lovely get-to-know-you dinner. (See: Darth Vader inviting Leia, Han Solo, and friends to dinner on Cloud City.)

Don’t: Protest, throw a fit, and fire a blaster at your courteous host. (See: Han Solo’s reaction at the Cloud City dinner.)

Image result for cloud city dinner


Do: Strive to find that perfect gift that you know a person will need and use even if they don’t realize it yet. (See: Bodhi Rook giving Galen Erso’s message to Saw Gerrera.)

Don’t: Mentally torture the gift giver by not showing your immediate and genuine appreciation. (See: Saw using Bor Gullet on Bodhi.)

Image result for bodhi rook with saw


Do: Prominently display the unique piece of art you are given AND hire the gift giver for a job in your palace. (See: Jabba the Hutt’s reaction to Boba Fett’s gifting of Han Solo in carbonite.)

Don’t: Get greedy by keeping other gifts that are offered as a trade for your favorite piece of art, which you have no intention of giving up. (See: Jabba the Hutt accepting R2-D2 and C-3PO, but not freeing Han Solo.)

Image result for jabba and han solo in carbonite


Do: Be a courteous host by making guests feel welcome in your home. (See: Emperor Palpatine removing Luke’s binders in the Death Star II’s throne room.)

Don’t: Over-react and throw a temper tantrum when guests don’t want to play the games you want to play. (See: Palpatine shooting Luke with Force lightning for not turning to the Dark Side.)

Image result for emperor palpatine


Do: Invite a new friend to your neighborhood’s holiday party. (See: The Ewoks inviting Leia to their village.)

Don’t: Try to eat your new friend’s friends as the main course at your party. (See: The Ewoks making the right decision for their dinner plans.)

Image result for ewok captives


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