Help Support ‘Star Wars The Musical: The Empire’s New Groove’ Crowdfunding Campaign

Help Support ‘Star Wars The Musical: The Empire’s New Groove’ Crowdfunding Campaign


Star Wars spoofed as Disney Musical

Star Wars Musical is a fan film that spoofs Star Wars as a Disney Musical, colliding two of the galaxy’s biggest fandoms. Having completed the first episode which recently won the Best Short Film award at Stan Lee’s Comikaze GeekFest Film Festival, the team behind this mashup is crowdfunding their next episode and are excited to be chosen to be a part of Rockethub and Ovation TV’s Creative Studio, where they compete for a chance to be featured on TV and win $5000 towards funding the project.

Star Wars Musical achieved viral success with over 250,000 views and restless excitement for the following sequel. With solidifying plans for Star Wars Musical’s take on Episode V: Empire Strikes Back just around the corner, executive director and composer George Shaw is seeking bigger aspirations for his musical project. The team is aiming to release their adaptation, entitled “Star Wars Musical: The Empire’s New Groove” by December 2016, with the support of devoted Star Wars and Disney fans!

Through this campaign, the team hopes to bring their passion project to a whole new level in terms of quality and production and present it to fans who share the same affection for their geekdoms worldwide.

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