Help Support Star Wars Author James Kahn’s Indiegogo for His Film ‘Wrongside Bob’

Help Support Star Wars Author James Kahn’s Indiegogo for His Film ‘Wrongside Bob’

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James Kahn, author of the novelization for Return of the Jedi, is directing a film called Wrongside Bob and he recently launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. You can help make that film a reality!

Here’s an overview of the project:

The production team is excited to announce the October 15, 2015, Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launch for the feature film, WRONGSIDE BOB. Written, co-directed, and co-produced by Return of the Jedi author James Kahn, Wrongside Bob was inspired by Kahn’s own CD of roots music, Man Walks Into A Bar. Co-produced and co-directed by Christine Fry, the producer of the award-winning feature, The Bet, the film stars distinguished actor/singer/songwriter Ronny Cox in the title role.

The comedy/drama film concerns a drifter with amnesia, struggling to remember his past, who runs into Bob – a man desperate to forget his own past. With the help of some of the oddball regulars in the roadhouse, both men achieve a measure of peace at the end, though not without trouble along the way, and a bittersweet resolution.


When you donate to the Wrongside Bob campaign, you’ll also be helping out children in need!

We are proud to announce we will donate 1% of our Indiegogo campaign contributions to the Enable Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation whose mission is to 3D print and give away prosthetic hands and arms to children who need them.

Find out more about the film, check out the donor perks, and support the campaign at

You can also stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit the official website at

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