Help Needed! Indiegogo Campaign for ‘Star Wars: End of an Empire’ Short Film

Help Needed! Indiegogo Campaign for ‘Star Wars: End of an Empire’ Short Film


Short Film – Star Wars: End of an Empire

An action-packed thriller based on the Star Wars Saga that takes place on the distant planet of Yavin 4.

San Francisco, CA. December 7, 2015 – Star Wars: End of an Empire is an independent short film based on the Star Wars Saga, but set on the remote planet of Yavin 4. A world deep within Sith space under the iron clench of the great dark lord, Naga Sadow. Naga Sadow fled to this once thriving empire to restore his immanence. During his reign over the planet of Yavin 4 he creates a world of turmoil in this high impact script where war and destruction become a way of life and two warriors’ collide in a battle of fates.


Yavin 4 (4000 B.B.Y.) Home to a Sith race of red humanoids called the Massassi. It was here that Naga Sadow, whose followers treated him like a god, conducted alchemical experiments on his people, causing the Massassi people to mutate from red-skinned humanoids into fearsome, savage, hunchbacked predators.

In his quest to build the ultimate super army to reconstruct the Sith Empire, Sadow experimented by cross breeding Massassi warrior blood with Sith blood, and later even Mandalorian blood. While his early experiments created a series of unbalanced, enraged hybrids to be locked away for future combat testing later, he developed a super soldier hybrid with Mandalorian blood with beast-like strength, superior intelligence, and a merciless thirst for war.

While Sadow was away on galactic matters, one of his original prototypes escaped from captivity and released all of Sadow’s experimental hybrids to wreak havoc on the planet of Yavin. Coming to the Massassi people’s aid, Sadow returned to Yavin 4 to find that his set of Mandalorian blooded super soldiers were still safely locked up in their secret chamber where he left them. He immediately released the specialized unit of 11 super soldiers who were trained to hunt, kill, and eliminate all who opposed them.

Many of the native Massassi tribe and almost all of the super soldiers died defending the great Sith Empire. As time went on, something lurked about assassinating what was left of the super soldiers…one by one until only two survivors were left to a battle to the death–Sadow’s most well-developed super soldier DUUN KLEF and Sadow’s oldest and original prototype BIK GHEEBA.

Fonz, Filmmaker: has over ten years of experience in film, theater, and different aspects of art. He’s an actor, writer, illustrator, producer, and director. This is his debut independent film. As a creator of this film, he will produce, star, and direct this project. He is known for playing principal roles in several theatre productions, commercials, and independent films.

Margaret Caragan, Special Effects Makeup Artist: has over ten-year of experience in the field. She specializes in character makeup, creating custom prosthetics for creatures, injuries, and extreme transformations. She is also founder and owner of Pandora FX.

Lee Eisenhower, Actor and Stuntman: A Jack of all trades acts on the Smosh Channel and is a regular on one of the top YouTube channels. He is the co-creator and is starring in this exciting Star Wars short film.

Joe Knoll, Costume Designer: specializes in custom-made costumes, well-known in the cosplay community.

Kerry Sweeney, Gaffer: has twenty years of experience in film production. Has worked on major motion pictures and productions such as The Matrix, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Metallica: The Movie.

This film has been in development for a year. In order to cover the costs of shooting, editing and finalizing the film, Fonz has launched an Indiegogo campaign. Unique perks like props from the film, signed storyboard artwork, and digital copies of the completed film are available for preorder until January 14, 2016.

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