Help Needed! GoFundMe Campaign for Star Wars Fan and Friend, Joe Mignano

Help Needed! GoFundMe Campaign for Star Wars Fan and Friend, Joe Mignano

One of the finest aspects of Star Wars fandom is the way we all come together to help those in need, especially fellow fans. Well, a fan by the name of Joe Mignano is in need to some assistance now as he deals with health and financial issues. We’ve all been there at one time or another, right? It’s never easy.

Find out a bit more about the GoFundMe campaign set up to assist Joe below:

Joe is a fun loving person who LOVE Star Wars. With his years being a Star Wars costumer and planning charity events across Southern California like a summer and a winter trip to a local orphanage called “Hillsides” for the last 3 years and so many more.

Joe is also the founder of HoloNet Audio Dramas and the App called Star Wars Podcast.

Why Joe Need Help?
Joe is in the Hospital in Huntington Beach, Ca. and will be transferred to a local VA Hospital. He was admitted at 1am on 10/31/2016. Joe has 2 jobs just maintain ends meet. Now that he is in the Hospital, he really needs our help.

In Joe’s own words:
“Still in the ER awaiting transfer via ambulance to the VA, to be admitted into a psych ward. I posted something yesterday that I know scared a lot of people, and I am immensely sorry for that. v I did something very stupid to myself – suicide was not my intention, only to pass out for a while. However, I also was at the point of not caring if I woke up or not. I would sooner die than be homeless again, and given what happened at my full time job, I didn’t see myself as having any other choice. The cops confiscated my firearms, and I’m now losing a lot of work. I can’t survive without working, being alone. I don’t know what to do now, it’s in God’s hands. I will hopefully be released from the VA hospital in a few days. When that happens, I will be in need of financial help, until I can get my feet on the ground again. I have an amazing circle of friends. Thank you very much for being concerned about me. I may need to lean on you all in the weeks ahead.”

How All Funds Will Be Used?
Any and all funds will be used to help pay for medical bills as well as rent. This way it may act as a buffer until Joe can return to work.

If you are able to help, please visit GoFundMe to make your donation. Even if you can’t help at this time, please share the campaign with your fellow Star Wars friends and family. Any help is appreciated! Thank you and MTFBWY!

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