HasLab Shares Details of Jabba’s Sail Barge During Google+ Hangout

HasLab Shares Details of Jabba’s Sail Barge During Google+ Hangout

I took part in a Hasbro held a Google+ Hangout today to discuss the crowdfunding initiative for Jabba’s Sail Barge by HasLab. Participating in the Hangout alongside myself and Making Star Wars, Jedi Temple Archives, and Life of Dad was members of the development team from Hasbro, including Joe Ninivaggi, Steve Evans, and Mark Boudreaux.

This comes on the heels of the release of full-color images of Jabba’s Sail Barge, along with news of an exclusive Yak Face figure that will accompany the barge and a time-lapse showing how all this comes together. And, believe me, this is an absolutely gorgeous collectible that would be the centerpiece of any collection!

Things I learned include:

  • There will be no pegs for figures on the top of the barge, so as to keep it smooth and screen authentic.
  • The barge will only be made if there are 5,000 backers.
  • This is the only way you will be able to get your hands on the collector coin for the Vintage Collection Yakface (which looks amazing, BTW).
  • Hasbro has a number of items in mind for future HasLab projects, and that does not necessarily mean they will be large scale, either. They may be from any era of Star Wars, as well.
  • These items will be available globally.
  • The Sail Barge comes with Jabba (with an all-new paint job).
  • Hasbro’s design team has worked extensively with Lucasfilm for the most accurate representation possible.
  • No details have been left unexplored, including the box. To tape, or not to tape the box? That was the question we bandied about during the lively, engaging Hangout

We got a close-up look at the detail of the Barge at the end, too. Have I mentioned how incredible this item looks?!

It’s not too late! Be sure to support this awesome collectible and sign up here!

A huge thanks to Hasbro and Litzky PR for inviting me to this wonderful event!

Images shared during the Google+ Hangout can be seen in the gallery below:

There’s still time to support this project! Reserve Jabba’s Sail Barge at hasbrolab.com. The deadline to place your order is April 3.

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