Harrison Ford recently discussed his lengthy career with The Huffington Post. He mainly talks up his role as Colonel Graff in the upcoming sci-fi film “Ender’s Game,” but he doesn’t shy away from discussing the other roles that have made him the legend that he is – including a bit about Star Wars.

Ford refers to the late Irvin Kershner, director of “The Empire Strikes Back,” as a “sweet guy” and, while he doesn’t spill any details about Episode VII, he expresses an understanding that people have to ask about it even though he’s there to discuss something else entirely:

“I don’t care. I’m trying to always rope ’em back into concentrating on the task at hand. But, most writers have editors and I can tell when a responsibility is generated by the editor.”

There is also some great insight into how he views his role as an actor and the importance of collaboration on a movie set:

“I’m not in it to change stuff. I’m just interested in making stuff work. And if under field conditions something comes up which can make it better and everybody can agree on that — or, at least, you can raise enough of a constituency to do something that you think will make it better — that’s great fun. But, to me, when you’re on a set, it’s problem solving. That’s what I love about it: problem solving. The job is problem solving. If this line doesn’t work, fix it, goddammit. You know, how do I get from one side of the set to the other to motivate this camera that this director wants? Figure it out — that kind of stuff is what I love about it.”

Most ladies would probably take issue with his assertion that he is “out of the “leading man” business,” but it seems clear that he is enjoying the direction his career has taken.

“Ender’s Game” opens in theaters on November 1st, and you can read more of this interview on HuffingtonPost.com.

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