Han Solo Voted Greatest ‘Star Wars’ Character of All Time in Empire Magazine Poll

Han Solo Voted Greatest ‘Star Wars’ Character of All Time in Empire Magazine Poll

Empire Magazine asked readers to vote for their favorite Star Wars character of all time, and now the results are in: Han Solo takes the prize! Topping icons such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and more, the lovable scoundrel won the day, and will be featured on a stunning special subscriber cover, pictured below.

From Empire:

The Star Wars saga is packed with all kinds of dashing do-gooders and bold baddies – but it’s only fitting that the character who soared in and smuggled his way to the #1 spot is the galaxy’s greatest rogue: Han Solo. From Harrison Ford’s iconic performances in the Original Trilogy, to his glorious return (and heart-wrenching demise) in The Force Awakens, to Alden Ehrenreich’s youthful reinvention in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the swaggering space cowboy received more votes than anyone else from George Lucas’ sci-fi universe. You love him, and he knows.

Also from Empire:

Rogue. Smuggler. Hero. When Empire put out the call for readers to vote for the Greatest Star Wars Character of All Time, you turned out in your droves and put Han Solo in the top spot – captain of the Millennium Falcon, fearless Rathtar hauler, and the guy who definitely, categorically shot Greedo first. To celebrate, he’s taken pride of place on the exclusive subscriber cover of Empire’s September issue – both incarnations side by side, set against that iconic blaster.

The full list of the “50 Greatest Star Wars Characters of All Time” will be revealed in the September 2018 issue of Empire, due on newsstands Thursday, August 9.

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