Han Solo Signature Line Ensemble and Accessories from Anovos

Han Solo Signature Line Ensemble and Accessories from Anovos

ANOVOS is proud to offer the Star Wars Han Solo™ Signature Line Ensemble. These three costume components (vest, shirt, and pant) are based on screen stills and never-released marketing shots from Star Wars: A New Hope provided by Lucasfilm.

As part of the ANOVOS Signature Line, this costume will be assembled and primarily manufactured in the USA, with direct supervision of ANOVOS project managers. This ensures the best execution in getting you a costume that is the ANOVOS vision for quality, assembly and accuracy. Only the highest quality materials are used during production, and a limited number of units will be produced for this 2018 offering, making this exclusive to only the most discerning of costumers. Additionally, an ANOVOS garment bag is included for the long term protection of your Signature Line Ensemble.

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Celebrate your favorite scoundrel with these official Star Wars costumes and accessories from ANOVOS!

Thank you to Anovos.

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