Go Behind-the-Scenes with Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Recon for “The Honorable Ones”

Go Behind-the-Scenes with Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Recon for “The Honorable Ones”


**SPOILERS** for the Star Wars Rebels episode “The Honorable Ones.”

There’s something curious in orbit over Geonosis, and the Ghost crew needs to check it out. What could the Empire have been up to? And could the whole setup be a trap? The presence of stormtroopers and Agent Kallus can only mean one thing.

*Cue Admiral Ackbar*

Everyone manages to escape, but Zeb is left behind to find his own way out — Which he does, but he’s not alone. Kallus and Zeb both end up in an escape pod that crash lands on one of the moons of Geonosis. Now they must cooperate if they hope to survive the local fauna — and each other.

Time to go behind-the-scenes with an all-new Rebels Recon:

In this installment of Rebels Recon, StarWars.com goes inside the episode “The Honorable Ones,” with creator interviews and more.

In “The Honorable Ones,” Zeb and Kallus find themselves stranded on an icy Geonosis moon. Bitter enemies, they must work together in order to survive. “There’s both warriors,” says Steve Blum, the voice of Zeb. “They understand that they have to do what’s necessary to survive, and in that process, there’s a bonding between them.” Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo explains that Kallus builds on what fandom has appreciated about the Empire — that the organization is filled with people who thought they were doing the right thing.

Executive producer Dave Filoni says putting them together was unexpectedly rewarding. “You start to root for them as a team together,” he says. In the end, both characters learn from each other. In addition, the episode revisits Geonosis — the incubation place of the Death Star. It’s touched upon briefly…and the mystery of Geonosis will be revisited later in the series.

Finally, a fans asks, “If Hera is Cham Syndulla’s daughter, then who was the little orange Twi’lek girl we saw with him in the Clone Wars?” And why did Hera’s accent change when talking with her father? Only Pablo Hidalgo knows the answers…

Find out more about this episode on StarWars.com.

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