Go Behind-the-Scenes with Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Recon for “The Forgotten Droid”

Go Behind-the-Scenes with Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Recon for “The Forgotten Droid”


**SPOILERS** for the Star Wars Rebels episode “The Forgotten Droid.”

It’s the story Chopper fans have been waiting for — a whole episode dedicated to the galaxy’s crankiest droid! While on a fuel run, the crew of the Ghost leave Chopper behind to watch the ship, and be on the lookout for Imperials. Instead, Chopper spies a perfect replacement for his mismatched appendage.

Chopper being Chopper, he goes off on his own — against Hera’s explicit orders to stay put — and ends up acquiring the leg in such a way as to call unwanted attention from stormtroopers. He hides away on an Imperial freighter as it’s about to take off and soon strikes up an alliance with an Imperial droid who has his own troubles. When the Rebels really need a quick assist, this unlikely duo saves the day — and Chopper shares a selfless act with his newfound friend.

Take a look behind-the-scenes of “The Forgotten Droid” in this latest installment of Rebels Recon:

In this installment of Rebels Recon, StarWars.com goes inside the episode “The Forgotten Droid,” with cast and creator interviews and more.

In “The Forgotten Droid,” we learn there’s a bit more to Chopper than we’ve learned so far. “Chopper was a navigational astromech on a y-wing and he actually crashed right outside Hera’s front door,” co-executive producer Henry Gilroy explains.

Chopper meets a friend in Imperial inventory droid, AP-5, a fellow Clone Wars hero. Though a new droid design to Rebels, art director Kilian Plunkett explains the design’s origins. “AP-5, his model, was in Episode IV. He’s a Death Star droid. But I think he needed to feel a little more unique and special.”

Regarding the droids’ Clone Wars tie, “We needed something that these droids would have in common,” executive producer Dave Filoni points out. “So it was a nice way to really relate the two characters other than they’re droids.”

Will having an episode all about Chopper go to his head? The cast weighs in. “I would hope it would,” Taylor Gray laughs. “He’s got a big enough one.”

“I don’t think Chopper can get more egotistical than he is. It can only help,” adds Freddie Prinze Jr. “He doesn’t treat any of us with any respect… ever.”

Andi closes out the deep dive by getting to the bottom of who really voices Chopper…

Lastly, this week a fan tweets, “With Yoda telling Ezra to go to Malachor, does this mean the events of KOTOR and KOTOR2 are now canon?” Of course Pablo Hidalgo has the answer.

For more on “The Forgotten Droid,” check out StarWars.com’s exclusive episode guide: http://strw.rs/21vIJvE

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