Go Behind-the-Scenes With ‘Star Wars Rebels’ – Rebels Recon #9

Go Behind-the-Scenes With ‘Star Wars Rebels’ – Rebels Recon #9


Star Wars Rebels is back – and in a big way! Featuring the highly anticipated return of Frank Oz as the voice of Yoda, “Path of the Jedi” was everything fans were hoping for and more. As Kanan determines if Ezra is truly ready to begin his Jedi training, Master and Padawan seek out one of the remaining Jedi temples so Ezra can undergo a test of his abilities and connection to the Force. They are challenged by a dangerous foe, and aided by the wisest of all Jedi masters.

Now it’s time to take a behind-the-scenes look at “Path of the Jedi” with the latest installment of Rebels Recon. (Of course, beware of spoilers if you’ve not seen the episode yet.)

In Rebels Recon #9, StarWars.com interviews the cast and creators of Star Wars Rebels about the episode “Path of the Jedi,” features a behind the scenes look at the show’s editorial process, and shows a special preview of “Idiot’s Array.”

In “Path of the Jedi” Ezra and Kanan embark on a quest to find a hidden Jedi Temple and undergo an essential rite in Jedi training, one that will test their resolve and convictions. Together, master and padawan move forward in their journey thanks to insight from a distant Jedi Master. Upon the completion of the harrowing trial, Ezra receives a small Kyber crystal and is able to construct his own lightsaber.

Star Wars Rebels Editors Alex McDonnell and Joe Elwood give an inside look at their work on the show. “It’s an Editor’s job to be the spokesperson for the audience,” says McDonnell of their role in the production process, and discusses the emotions that editors can create by using varying angles and pace. Elwood adds that when looking at an episode as a whole, the biggest part of their job is to connect the story points and “make sure everything makes sense.”

In this week’s deep dive, Lucasfilm’s Andi Gutierrez talks to associate producer Carrie Beck and the Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo about Jedi Temples and their function as a center of the Force. “We’ve seen a couple in Clone Wars,” he says, “so we know that there are other temples scattered throughout the galaxy.” When discussing Ezra’s trial within the temple, Beck emphasizes that “the temple environment is responsive to who you are,” and adds that this reflects Luke’s trial on Dagobah.

“Path of the Jedi” marks the symbolic return of Jedi Master Yoda, voiced by the character’s original voice actor Frank Oz, which Executive Producer Dave Filoni calls “a great thrill.”

New episodes of Star Wars Rebels air Monday nights on DisneyXD at 9/8c.

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