Go Behind-The-Scenes With Star Wars Rebels – Rebels Recon #13

Go Behind-The-Scenes With Star Wars Rebels – Rebels Recon #13


*Spoilers for the Star Wars Rebels “Rebel Resolve.*

With Kanan a captive of Grand Moff Tarkin and the Inquisitor, Ezra hatches a plan for a rescue mission – but, in order to uncover information on where the Empire is holding their comrade, the crew of the Ghost has to send Chopper on an undercover mission into enemy territory. The intel Chopper brings back points to an ominous destination….

Time to dig deeper into “Rebel Resolve” with the latest installment of Rebels Recon.

From YouTube:

In “Rebel Resolve,” the Ghost crew struggles to find intel on where the Empire is holding Kanan. Ezra makes a risky deal with Vizago, and learns that the Empire is using courier droids to relay information from the ground to orbiting ships. In a desperate mission, Chopper goes undercover as an Imperial droid and discovers where Grand Moff Tarkin plans to take their friend: Mustafar.

This week, Lucasfilm’s Andi Gutierrez talks with the Star Wars Rebels cast and crew about the new story developments in “Rebel Resolve,” including Vizago learning that Kanan is a Jedi. “I wouldn’t trust Vizago,” the Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo says. “But what exactly he’s going to do with [that info], I don’t know.” Series executive producer Dave Filoni agrees that disclosing that information was a risky move on Ezra’s part.

“There is a price on the head of a Jedi, certainly Kanan’s,” Filoni says, “and now he knows Ezra is a Jedi, as well. So, you just don’t want people to know that.”

In speaking with Vanessa Marshall, voice of Hera, Gutierrez asks if the Twi’lek made the right choice in putting the mission before her friend. “I think Hera made the right choice because it’s better to save many lives as opposed to one. When it’s time to make the big decision, like she did, you have to keep on track. It was hard, though.”

And what will become of the Imperial courier droid that Chopper…disposed of? It’s not dead, Filoni says, but unfortunately, its battery will probably run out.

Star Wars Rebels airs Monday nights at 9/8c on DisneyXD.

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