The Forbes 400 – the definitive listing of the richest people in America – has been released, and George Lucas has landed at #109 with a net worth of 4.2 billion dollars. In October 2012, Lucas sold the rights to Star Wars, LucasFilm, and Industrial Light & Magic to the Walt Disney Co. for 4.05 billion dollars, with a portion of that going to charity. No doubt due to that transaction, Lucas moved up a few places on the list. In 2012 he was ranked at #120.

In the print edition of Forbes, they added this quote, dated March 11, 1996:

“I’m very aware as a creative person that those who control the means of production control the creative vision… Because no matter what you do in a contract, they will go around it. Whereas if you own the cameras and you own the film, there’s nothing they can do to stop you.” – George Lucas

That quote is fitting, since they list Lucas as ‘self-made’ in his profile. Whatever you may think of him, you can’t argue with that.

You can check out George Lucas’ Forbes 400 profile here.

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