George Lucas’ Museum Proposal Rejected By The Presidio Trust

George Lucas’ Museum Proposal Rejected By The Presidio Trust

139924-george-lucas The museum project that George Lucas had planned for The Presidio has been rejected. The museum was to house Lucas’ vast collection of Star Wars art, along with other collections of significance in the world of visual storytelling, valued at an estimated $1 billion.

Two other finalists were also competing for the opportunity to build on the location in question, Crissy Field, which is currently the home of fitness retailer Sports Basement. Those proposals were rejected by The Presidio Trust, as well.

The Trust suggested another site for the proposed Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, but David Perry, a spokesman for Lucas, had this to say on Monday after the decision was announced:

“For four years, we have been told that the only site available for development is the Sports Basement site — and we have worked and reworked our plan to make it work. Now, literally in the past few hours, we hear there is an alternative site.”

Perry went on to say that they were “intrigued” by the idea, but they will look at other options open to them – “A lot of other people have asked us to dance, and we will start calling them back.” This could mean – possibly – moving the museum to Chicago, which has become a second home to Lucas after his marriage to Mellody Hobson last year.

(Source: SFGate)

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