For those keeping track of the progress surrounding the proposed Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, it looks as thought the odds of it landing in Chicago are improving.

After having his proposal rejected by The Presidio Trust in San Francisco, George Lucas has been considering Chicago as a home for his museum. The facility would be home to Lucas’ considerable art collection, including works by Norman Rockwell, as well as memorabilia from Star Wars, illustrations from comic books and children’s books, costumes, digital animation, and examples of special effects created by Industrial Light & Magic.

Chicago has become second home to Lucas since he married local investment banker, Mellody Hobson, in 2013.

Lucas had this to say in a recent statement:

“The city of Chicago has enthusiastically welcomed me and I consider Chicago to be my second home,” Lucas said in a statement. “I look forward to working with community leaders to see if Chicago can become home to the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been actively pursuing the museum, which he says would be built without the aid of tax-payer dollars.

Several things work in Chicago’s favor, such as record tourism. An estimated 46.37 million people visited the city in 2012, compared with the 16.51 million visitors to San Francisco in that same year.

Since Lucas grew up in Modesto, California – not that far from San Francisco – it’s understandable that he’d want to build his museum close to home. However, Lucas’ spokesman, David Perry, had this to say on the matter:

“George Lucas prefers this museum be built for future generations. And I think it’s obvious why the first place he looked at was right here in his own backyard.… But he ultimately feels that what is important is that this museum is built someplace where it will add to the educational benefit of young people and where the community embraces it.”

You can read more at the source: ChicagoTribune.com

Thanks for CWK blogger Joe Taylor for the tip.

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