“Star Wars” creator George Lucas has donated $25 million to an award-winning arts and education program called After School Matters. The organization was founded by the late Maggie Daley, wife of former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Lucas’ wife, Mellody Hobson – who serves on the board for the organization – made the announcement at The Gallery 37 Center for the Arts in Chicago while her husband looked on from the front row.

Said Hobson, “George and I are just really excited to make this gift to the teens of Chicago . . . because we believe — and you all know that I’m in the investment business — that investing in young people is the best investment of all. There is no better use of money.”

She continued, “This is a very generous thing that he’s doing for the adopted city that he spends a lot of time in now, Chicago. I’m sure he never imagined that in all of his creative brain.”

The gift will be paid in five $5 million installments and will be used to reinstate stipends – which were discontinued due to a decline in fundraising – that the program pays to the 22,000 teens who participate.

Find out more about this incredible act of generosity here.

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