Geeks…We’re Home: Reactions to ‘The Force Awakens’ Teaser Trailer by Tommy Mac

Geeks…We’re Home: Reactions to ‘The Force Awakens’ Teaser Trailer by Tommy Mac

Chewbacca and Han Solo in a still from the Star Wars: The Force

“Geeks…We’re Home”

I have SO many stories I want to tell of my adventures at Star Wars: Celebration VII, but for my first official blog here I wanted to write-up my thoughts, feelings and reactions to the new trailer.

I remember how I felt when I saw the trailer for Episode I. I was excited of course, who wouldn’t be? I mean…NEW STAR WARS!

It was exciting yes, but all so….different.

Marching droids, giant floating tanks, new worlds, weird new aliens (who knew then how annoying Gunguns would be?) and of course some bad a$$ red and black dude with a double-bladed lightsaber!

Yes we were introduced to a few characters we knew, but in different forms in the shapes of a young Obi-Wan Kenobi and an even younger Anakin Skywalker, still a long way off from his date with a lava pit. But overall it was a great unknown.

The first teaser for The Force Awakens is very much along the same lines; We see new faces, new characters, but even then there are some familiar elements….X-Wings and TIE Fighters and Stormtroopers (even if they were sporting some new, streamlined armor)….but think about that one:


I’m willing to bet it wasn’t until you saw the Falcon swooping in that you truly felt your heart leap up in your chest.

This second teaser is different. From the opening moments, it’s like coming home again.

The familiar music swells…then the speeder in the distance cruising past…OMG is that a Star Destroyer???…then Luke’s voice over begins and…Vader’s helmet?????…..R2-D2 and…was that Luke???….could that be Leia????…..OMG…wow….Sith Lord?…Chrome Trooper???…woah!….wow…omg…Falcon…flying…’splosions!!!…..
…..”Chewie…we’re home.”

I was ten years old again.

This was MY Star Wars! This was what I fell in love with all those years ago.

What this trailer builds in me is the hope; The hope that is was done RIGHT this time. A perfect blend of the old familiar with the fresh and new and different.

After all, I don’t want this new film to REHASH the past. And so far I have seen nothing that leads me to believe it will. Even the reuse of the Luke’s monologue seemed fresh as it has a whole new CONTEXT now.

Oh I’m sure we will get some familiar catch phrases. And at least one Wilhelm Scream.

Recurring THEMES are one thing (like hands being chopped off), but one of the most annoying flaws I find in sequels nowadays is this tendency to show us the same scenes from the first movie over again. (Go watch any trailer for the new Terminator movie to see exactly what I’m talking about.) So far I have yet to see any of that.

I think J.J. Abrams knows what he’s doing more now than ever. Because he’s a fan, too.

He’s bringing back some old friends, but not to live in the past. Instead, he’s bringing them back to build us a FUTURE.

If this trailer is any indication at all, I think that future is very bright, indeed.

You can find Tommy on Twitter @djtommymac.

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