Four New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Clips Available for Your Viewing Pleasure!

Four New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Clips Available for Your Viewing Pleasure!


The Official Site has released four new Star Wars Rebels videos, including an interview with Freddie Prinze, Jr. – the voice of Jedi Kanan Jarrus – another look at the Inquisitor, a preview clip of Hera and Sabine, and a making-of featurette about creating the look of lightsabers seen in the series.

Check out all the videos below:

In this interview featurette, Star Wars Rebels’ Freddie Prinze Jr. discusses playing Kanan, the experience of voice acting, and why the animated series will appeal to Star Wars fans of all ages.

In this special preview clip from Star Wars Rebels, the evil Inquisitor takes on Kanan and Ezra, looking to destroy the two Jedi. A menacing fighter, the Inquisitor seems well-versed in Jedi history and lightsaber technique, and relishes toying with the Force wielders.

In this clip from Star Wars Rebels, Hera and Sabine investigate an abandoned base and make a big, deadly discovery.

Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni and CG supervisor Joel Aron discuss how they created lightsabers that match the look of Jedi weapons from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

As the time period for Star Wars Rebels is close to A New Hope, the show’s creators wanted to match the visuals accordingly. For Aron, this was especially important with the look of the lightsaber. “That’s the one thing that represents being a Jedi,” he says. “I wanted the lightsaber to have that same type of feeling and energy it had in A New Hope.” Through extensive research, including conversations with original lightsaber creator Roger Christian, Aron figured out how the Jedi weapon was originally created. As a result, Kanan’s lighstaber blade closely resembles those found in the original Star Wars, from glow to a slight vibration.

Be sure to check out Star Wars Rebels Monday nights on Disney XD, and on WatchDisneyXD.

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