For Fans Jim Mello and Alex Ray, Their ‘A Star Wars Comic’ Promises New Tales, Intrigue and More Every Month

For Fans Jim Mello and Alex Ray, Their ‘A Star Wars Comic’ Promises New Tales, Intrigue and More Every Month

Among the startling delights of Rogue One: Star Wars Story were the new characters, nearly all of whom perished by the film’s end. Of intriguing interest was Edrio and Benthic Two Tubes, the Tognaths who were among the trusted members of Saw Gerrera’s band of Rebels on Jedha.

While their time on screen was short, it was impressive, but the screenplay allowed for scant detail about the egg mates’ origins, thinking and devotion to the Rebellion.

That’s changed, thanks not to just the assorted books, from the official novel adapting the film or the excellent Rogue One: A Visual Guide.

For Jim Mello and Alex Ray, it wasn’t enough. The pair were so intrigued by Benthic Two Tubes that they seized upon the idea of a six-page comic about the Tognath and, in the process, have created a fan-made ode to not just the character, but to Star Wars, too.
There’s no shortage of Star Wars comics; Marvel has made sure of that, but fans love stories and fans who can write and illustrate? Well, there’s no denying the creative spark when it comes to the Saga. Because of that Mello and Ray have launched A Star Wars Comic, a website that will sport a monthly, anthology-style six-page Star Wars comic.

It debuted on Jan. 25 and has quickly garnered a steady following. Since it’s not a Lucasfilm-sanctioned effort, the stories aren’t canon, but that’s no reason to avoid playing in the Star Wars universe.

In an email exchange with Coffee With Kenobi, Mello said the aim is to “… examine some of themes, characters, and ideas from Star Wars. Each story is self-contained, in the style of a vignette, and the themes vary wildly just like the universe itself. We are looking to release one on the 25th of every month.”

There’s no shortage of ideas, Mello added, noting that he and Ray, the artist, have completed scripts for at least 10 issues, with thumbnails for issues two and three already on the drawing board.

” I rewrite after he sort of figures out how it wants to work visually and then Alex takes it from there and basically brings all of the talent to the table,” Mello said. “(Ray) inks, colors, and letters. He’s invaluable, talented, and watching him grow as an artist has been great.”

The seed for the comic took root in December, Mello said, after years of he and Ray stopping and starting projects.

“I wanted to tell some Star Wars stories that reflected my personal experience with the Saga. Although the constraints are heavy, I like the idea of vignettes, because it allows us to tackle so many different things,” he said. “We already have scripts and ideas for war stories, political intrigue, character pieces, adventure, horror, etc.”

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