Fight Cancer with Star Wars!

Fight Cancer with Star Wars!

Most of us take for granted our health and the ability to run to the movie theater to see the latest Star Wars movie without any impediments in our way. Sadly, that is not the story for all fans. While The Last Jedi is finally playing on screens across the globe, there are fans who are stuck in the hospital without any way to see the continuing story of Luke Skywalker, General Leia, Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, and the rest.

Chris Baker is one such fan. Chris is currently battling cancer, and his hospital stay almost prevented him from seeing The Last Jedi in theaters. But Chris has a plan to help fellow fans in like circumstances, and we hope to help get the word out.

Chris would like Disney and Lucasfilm to make it possible The Last Jedi to be made streamable for fans who are unable, through no fault of their own, to attend a screening in a theater. So far, his idea has caught the attention of Mark Hamill and Laura Dern! Find out more from Chris in the video below:


Be sure to show your support for Chris and all hospital bound Star Wars fans using the hashtags #FightCancer #StreamStarWars in your social media posts.

Thank you for your efforts, Chris. We are fully behind you in this fight! The Force will be with you, always!

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